Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Initial Story: The Duke Street Invasion (aka Gang Stalked in Pennsylvania---Part One)

I recently submitted this story to Gang Stalking World and it is known there (providing it gets published) as Gang Stalked in Pennsylvania---Part One.

My name is Robert Robey and I live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania USA. I have been a target of organized stalking since September 2008 and my situation begins on the one-hundredth block of North Duke Street in the city, which I currently live.

It started with a home invasion. I came home from work to find an empty Pepsi can lying on the floor of my apartment building's foyer area. I stared at the can wondering why somebody would leave it on the floor. My neighbor (from across the hall) and his girlfriend than came downstairs and told me that they heard noises inside my apartment while I was away. The neighbor also told me that he saw my door sitting open with the lights on and one of my cats poking his head out in the hallway. I went upstairs and entered my apartment to find every single closet and pantry door open along with items thrown all over the place. I called the police and waited for them after getting off the phone. While waiting, I heard my buzzard ring. I thought it was the police, so I came downstairs and nobody was at the door. I looked around and saw two Black men dressed in Hip-Hop clothing walk away from the building. They then went inside a red building down the street. I thought about confronting them, but decided to wait for the police instead. I went back inside the complex. The police did not arrive until four and half hours later even though their station was not even a block from me. I let them in when they did arrive and one Officer Matthew Caple greeted me. He came into my apartment to look around.

He asked me some questions with one of them being “do you have anything we can get fingerprints off of?”
I named an object that was solid (I cannot remember the type of object).
He replied by telling me that they can only get fingerprints from something soft.
I did not believe him, but accepted the answer.

My life passed as normal until two weeks later when I experienced another home invasion. I left my lights on regularly to fool intruders, but came home to find my living room light turned off. Since that day, I was arriving home to find my items relocated, vandalized, and occasionally stolen. I did have a friend (now ex-friend because he joined with the organized stalking group) install a deadbolt on my door. I had no home invasions since, but experienced high levels of street harassment mostly from Urban Trash. I had massive amounts of people giving me hostile looks and yelling insults toward me. I also experienced disturbances indicating that people were breaking into the building. There was one day when I placed a sign outside that said:

“Attention Low-Lives:

This building is private property. You are not to be in this building unless you have a legitimate reason to be here. That means “STAY THE FUCK OUT!”

I also entered a Spanish version of this statement using Microsoft Word's translation feature. The building only had three units and my neighbor from across the hall moved out, so it would not have caused any problems. I did however hear somebody outside the building say “look at this sign. Does he think that's going to stop us?” I then went outside three hours later and found it removed. The harassment stopped after awhile until November 3 (Election Day), 2008.

I entered my local courthouse to vote when I saw some people giving me dirty looks. There were two polltakers at the counter while the third one was out in the halls talking to somebody. I tried to get a ballot only to find myself ignored by the two polltakers. The third one then came inside the room and asked me if I needed a ballot, I answered “yes.” The third polltaker gave me a ballot and the other two gave me hostile looks. I took my ballot to a cubicle, wrote-in my preferred candidate (I did not care for Obama or McCain), and fed the ballot through the voting machine. The two polltakers continued giving me hostile looks as I left the polling place.

The next day, I heard two men yelling something to me as I entered my building upon returning home from work. I approached my apartment door and found a loose screw in the doorknob. I examined the screw for few seconds and entered the apartment. I went into my closet to retrieve an item (cannot remember the type of item) and found one of my boxes flipped over with the contents on the floor. I would since depart only to return and find additional disturbances to my apartment. I was experiencing this problem along with some street harassment, both covert and overt. There was even one episode when I left to do laundry at a Laundromat and returned home to find my jewelry thrown on the floor from my jewelry box. Prior to this disturbance, I saw a young man prowling my building, whom entered his car as soon as he saw me heading toward it. I decided to perform some counter-antagonism. My tactics did make him nervous, but he refused to leave until I started approaching his car to confront him. That is when he sped away. I became fearful that the intruders would kill and/or steal my cats, so I had my mother and sister take them. My mother also responded by trying to convince me to move back in with her. I refused to do that at first, but changed my mind later.

The stalking did not stop, it continued when I moved-in with my mother in a nearby---fifteen miles outside of Lancaster---town called Quarryville. It also continued when I moved to Rising Sun, Maryland and back to Lancaster. It continues to this day. I plan to tell you about my ordeal in Quarryville and Rising Sun in separate stories. For right now, I will disclose that my situation became worse since I left Lancaster in 2008 and moved back in late 2009. It escalated from home invasions upon departure to the use of electronic surveillance, “Non-Lethal” Weapons (NLW), and home invasions in my sleep that included sexual assault.

I suspect that nothing more than a network of criminals and pseudo-vigilantes performed the gang stalking when this first started, but then progressed to the government getting involved.