Sunday, February 19, 2012

Eve of Destruction

I'm feeling close to my own destruction and know that my perps are aiming to destroy me. They have been trying to keep me under virtual house arrest and I have put up quite a resistance. I have been on the receiving end of various electronic attacks twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week (24/7) for the past four weeks. These attacks have been most intense as I try to sleep at night after awakening from an artificially induced afternoon nap. These attacks have included, but are not limited to the following: Voice-to-Skull (V2K), image induction, dream manipulation, heart stimulation, lung stimulation, and involuntary body movements. I have also been receiving burns to the soles of me feet---mostly the right foot---especially as a way to keep me from leaving my apartment for reasons other than going to work.

One of the most recent attacks is swelling on the top of my right foot. I initially perceived it as cancer and bordered on panicking. I immediately called my local medical clinic to make an appointment. My doctor examined my foot and diagnosed me with cellulitis. He told me that there are cracks in my foot that got dirty and caused this bacterial infection. He showed me the cracks that I have previously failed to notice; for they were located between my toes. I believe it was their electronic weapons that caused these cracks. In addition, employees at my workplace contact a lot of dirt even in the locker room. Most of the men wear sandals to keep dirt from contacting their feet when walking to/from the showers, but I have been walking through barefoot. There was even one day when I used the shower facility and returned to my locker to find a shallow pile of black sand in front of my locker. I walked on the black sand because I had no way of protecting my feet. I figured they were trying to give me a bacterial infection to enhance the electronic attacks to my feet. I did rinse the sand from my feet after getting dressed, but that was apparently not enough as I later learned on Wednesday, February 15, 2012. I was prescribed medication (that I'm not sure about taking too often) for the ailment, but have a feeling it will not work. I have also purchase some epsom salt to mix with hot water for soaking my feet. It seems to lessen the pain from the electronic attack. There was also a day when I purchased a pair of slippers to protect my feet at a CVS Pharmacy located near me. This was while filling my prescription and receiving some gang-stalking attacks from two pharmacists and one stock clerk. I came to work the next day and used the slippers to keep my feet from contacting the dirty floor as I walk to the shower room. My perps at work showed great disdain for this measure when I heard one of them yell, "cabron (Spanish for 'asshole')."

Given these recent attacks, I believe I will be dead sometime this year. I'll be lucky to even live another month, but I would rather die free than live as a slave. I have revealed my situation to some friends and family members (one whom turned out to be a perp) and I hope they at least suspect my death to be related to the harassment. My cause of death will be recorded as an accident, suicide, or natural causes. I will not commit suicide; for I am too stubborn to submit in this manner. There is also no way I could die of natural causes because I'm thirty years old, eat a proper diet, and exercise on a regular basis. I cannot however tell you whether it really was an accident, but I can tell you it is unlikely since I'm very careful at most of my activities.  They'll probably use Directed Energy Weapons to induce this "accident."

Let it be known to the reader that I was not murdered by mere criminals. These criminals had a leader known as Uncle Sam.