Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tea Shop Antics

November 3, 2012

I set out to run errands today, among these errands was purchasing a new pack of loose-leaf green tea. I first headed to The Red Rose bus station to purchase a ten-trip fare ticket when I experienced the usual vehicle accelerations. I headed to a shop by the name of Cross Keys Coffee & Teas to purchase the green tea upon completing the purchase of the ticket. An idling car attempted to startle me by blowing its horn in a loud sudden burst as I walked past it. I looked at the car in reaction to the noise, but did not flinch as the average person. I have experienced enough of the noise to possess a certain degree of inoculation against it. I entered the shop upon arrival to find some other customers inside. One of them was an elderly woman conversing with the store clerk. I browsed through various types of teas that are sold in both loose-leaf and bagged form as the elderly woman continues conversing. The loose-leaf variety was displayed in plastic containers with small bags of them located at the bottom. I looked through the bags wondering the size and cost. I searched the label for information about the originating plantation. I tend to feel some concern regarding the difference between organic and inorganic teas given that I have read about inorganic teas usually being grown as farmers spray high levels of insecticides. I had trouble making up my mind about whether to purchase the tea, so I decided to browse through the rest of the store by walking to the other end displaying the coffees. I began to hear the sound of a man clearing his throat---this is one of the actions in which the perpetrators sensitized me through the use of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)---as I read the labels of the coffee displays. It sounded similar to the cashier's voice indicating to me that the cashier is part of the program. The throat sounded a second time a minute later. I ignored the "thunder throat" as I continued browsing. Among the selection was the usual moka javas, espresso roasts, and french roasts as well as a variety name with the word "Kilimanjaro" included into its classification. I figured it as the usual Kenyan coffee. "I had this before," I thought to myself. I read another label describing a coffee that is from the mountains of some type of ancient Mayan or Aztec city---I cannot remember the name of the city---in Mexico. I thought it sounded like a nice blend based on the description. I moved back to the other end to browse the loose-leaf teas to hear a return of the "thunder throat." I looked toward the cashier to find an elderly man in front of him wearing a regular blue---one of the NLP colors---sweatshirt. I wondered if it might have been Voice-to-Skull (V2K) rather than an actual person given that the cashier and the elderly man were both acting natural when I looked. I continued browsing the loose-leaf teas deciding to pick up a small bag of pinhead gunpowder green tea. I asked the cashier for the size information. He interrupted before I could finish my sentence, answering "a quarter pound" in a stern tone. I then asked him for the price information to receive a reply in the same exact tone of austerity. He indicated that the price is four-dollars and fifty-cents. The dialog then proceeded as follow with the cashier's maintenance of sternness:

"Do you know if the tea is organic?" I asked.

"No, the tea is not organic. None of these teas are."

I paused for a few seconds. "I guess I'll take this one." I walked toward the cashier as he prepared the register.

"That will be four-fifty."

I pulled my wallet from my pocket and retrieved my debit card from it.

"I hope you have cash?"

I briefly paused and proceeded to ask, "You don't accept deb..."

"It's a fifteen-dollar minimum for debit card purchases."

"Yeah, I do have cash." I pulled a five-dollar bill (or should I say a five-dollar Federal Reserve note that should be rightfully labeled as legalized counterfeit money) from my wallet, handing it to the cashier. He handed me fifty-cents for my change. "The flavored coffees, are they naturally or artificially flavored?"

"They have artificial flavoring." The cashier's tone became a little bit more stern than the tone used in answering my other questions. It made me wonder if he was intentionally giving me this answer to prevent me from shopping in his store in the future. His handlers may have possibly told him that I'm picky when it comes to product ingredients.


 I originally planned to leave immediately when I decided to ask him another question. "Do you have a cold?"

"No, I don't have a cold."

"Oh, I noticed that you were clearing your throat a lot, so I was just wondering."

"I don't have a cold, thank you."

I was a little surprised by the fact that he did not explain his excessive throat clearing like I had expected. I left the store thinking to myself about some things I should have said to him, among these is the standard question: "have you heard of organized stalking?" I placed the tea inside my backpack and looked around to see some street trash watching me. One of them was a young Wigger woman approaching the street corner across from where I was standing. She came to a stop and stood there in spite of the clear traffic. The second one was a Black woman walking toward me on the exact same side of the street. I then heard horns sounding in all directions as I left and walked toward the corner of Orange and Queen Streets. A car turned the corner to accelerate past me. I stopped to let the car pass then crossed the street. I headed to the library on North Duke Street. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

SMS: More intimidation from Street Trash. They can go to hell.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SMS: They're using Black people (and one self-righteous interracial couple featuring a woman who works at CVS) to intimidate me out of living my life.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Eye Attack

October 9, 2012

The perpetrators are attacking my left eye. They are giving me the sensation of  foreign matter lodged into it. This has persisted for three hours already. I do fear that they might cause blindness sooner or later but as a friend of mine advised, I shall not project too much into the future.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

SMS: My stomach is involuntarily moving. I may end up in the hospital.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

SMS: They're blurring my vision in my left eye.

Friday, August 3, 2012

SMS: A police officer sat in his car outside my apartment with his lights flashing. This happened at 4:22 PM today.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

SMS: I prefer to write full blog entries as opposed to SMS, but I want to report that they're making my vision blur; especially around light.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Night of Mind Tampering

Friday May 25, 2012

I was sitting on the sofa feeling fatigued and dazed. It was approximately 10:30 PM. I suspected that the perpetrators were hitting me with more radiation than usual. I departed from my apartment to get away from it, remembering that I feel better every time I am out. I had anticipated on going for a recreational walk and get into a TI conference call on TalkShoe. I used my cell phone to dial into the call.  I saw a grey car sit in the middle of the street with its four-way flashers illuminating. The person in the driver's seat was a Black guy whom was just sitting there. I suspected that he was watching me, so I stopped near a sign and pulled my camcorder from my pocket. I was getting ready to film when a second Black guy came out of a nearby apartment building and got into the front passenger seat. The car drove away, stopping at a near red light. I heard a car set off its alarm as I continued to walk. The alarm became louder when I reached its vicinity. I crossed the street and immediately found cars accelerating past me, some absent of mufflers.  I also found police officers passing me in circles. I later came on Orange Street near a Sunoco gas station. I passed by a group of interracial assholes, consisting of two young Black guys, two young White guys, and an old White person who's gender I could not distinguish. I thought it might have been an old lady at first glance, but wondered if it was actually an old man. I saw one of the young White guys smoking a cigarette. I figured he might blow it in my face. He did not blow it in my face, but he did blow the cigarette on me when I turned my back. I knew when I smelled the smoke near my face. I then heard the guy holler, "hey" in the type of long feminine tone that some of the Hip-Hop affiliated Black people yell. I ignored him until I got approximately twenty feet away. I turned around to look at him and his friends, pulled my camcorder, and started filming them. A police car immediately accelerated past me at my surprise and turned into an alley. The assholes started cheering. I did not directly confront the guy because I knew all too well that it might give the police legal grounds to arrest me. I also would have had to contend with four guys at once, a task that is impossible to perform unless one is a black belt in martial arts. I was on my way back home when the conference call ended.

I arrived home ten minutes later and what happened next was scarier than anything else I have experienced. I was relaxing in my bed and reading a book entitled, "Project Soul Catcher: Volume II" written by Robert Duncan when I was bombarded with Voice-to-Skull (V2K) transmissions. The first was of a Black guy yelling, "Hey Rob." I ignored him and continued reading. This is when I heard a young woman yell, "shut up." I still continued reading, but finding myself forgetting what I read. I kept re-reading the same passages. I was bombarded repeatedly with V2K transmissions instructing me to "shut up." I became tired and lost consciousness. While asleep I had a dream that I was in a hotel with my father in a city located in a southern state. This is the best way I remember this dream:

I am in the hotel hallways with my eyes involuntarily twitching and my body shaking. I entered a room with my father inside. My father accused me of shooting heroin. I swore up and down that I was not using heroin and my father indicated skepticism of my defense by telling me that I have all the symptoms of heroin addiction. I kept holding my position in the argument. After the argument ended, I stepped out of the room and walked through the halls. I went for a walk through the hotel to calm down the way I walk through the streets in real life to calm myself down. I wondered if my perpetrators are using technology for beaming heroin into my body. I entered a room with floors littered with laundry. Some of it was bedsheets. I figured this is the hotel's laundry room.

I awakened from my bed groggy and wondering if they have that type of capability in real life. I figured that they planted this dream as a threat to get me to stop fighting their harassment.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Who's Really Getting Paid Too Much?

May 13, 2012

I went out for a walk yesterday morning (5/12/12) at 5:00 AM (EST). Everything seemed quiet here in Lancaster, PA except for a few perps. One of them happened to be a Black guy wearing red and black shorts with a white tank-top. I sat on a bench after walking for an hour and a half to see heavy traffic suddenly passing my way. I believed that half of the traffic was heading for work while the other half were stalking me. Quite a few vehicles had people giving me dirty looks. Some of these vehicles were police cars. The good thing about this episode was that most of the people out that morning were decent or seemingly decent people. There were virtually no Urban or White Trash cruising or walking the streets. This made Lancaster actually look beautiful for a change. I departed from the bench twenty minutes later and continued my walk.

I felt mentally relaxed after I got home. I continued being active around my apartment. I cleaned a few parts of it then read some books. I also started getting on my laptop to do some research on shielding from electronic assaults. Some of the research included listening to a recorded Talkshoe conference call about shielding as well as reading a section of an E-Book called, "Coherent Madness."  I read some Kindle books after I finished. One of them was a book that I particularly enjoyed and decided to re-read entitled, "Anthem" written by Ayn Rand. I then watched some DVDs containing episodes of a TV Show I used to enjoy. While watching this DVD, I heard a neighbor pass by the apartment and cough. Many of my perps perform this action to indicate that they are part of the program. I lied in bed to relax after I finished watching the DVD. I received a Voice-to-Skull (V2K) transmission stating, "You get paid too much." I reacted by wondering what the hell that statement was suppose to mean, but later figured that it means they're too easy on me.

I wouldn't exactly call their activities easy. Even though, I have my times when I'm energetic, I have mostly felt warn. I have after all received home invasions, street harassment, mobbing, burns (to my feet almost 24/7), shocks, V2K, Synthetic Telepathy (SynTel), softening of flesh, and find my nation going to hell with my own government doing nothing; but wasting my tax dollars and enlisting criminals to stalk, harass, and torture me along with millions of other innocent people. My perps should have by all rights been jailed at the very least and executed at the very worst. If anything, they're the ones who are getting paid too much.

Financial Destruction

May 16, 2012

I believe my perps have set me up in a way that paves for my financial destruction. Back in April, I received a call from a creditor about a debt. I couldn't talk to this creditor at the time they first called me, but I did make plans to call them later to make arrangements for repayment. However, I received increased attacks with the electronic weapons every time I made these plans. This was accompanied by psychological operations (psy-op) consisting of increased noise campaigns. I started putting it off after awhile and the attacks decreased until the day I received notice from The Treasury Department about offsetting my tax refund. My perps apparently knew the day that the notice would come because I received an unusual amount of harassment. The first round occurred in the workplace then on the streets after I got home. I do not want to go into too much detail about the workplace aspect, but I was approaching my mailbox when I got home and heard someone across the street blow his horn with great force. The horn sounded more rapidly when I opened and read the notice. I became dumbfounded and wondered if they just played some kind of trick to cause my financial destruction. I took the letter inside and wondered what to do about this situation. I then left my apartment to run some errands, I found laying in front of my building, an item that somebody a work stole from me earlier in the day. I picked up the item, put it in a bag I took with me, and continued on my way.

I am also believing the part of this situation was my fault. There was part of me that dreaded contacting these creditors. But I believe the perps might have intentionally exploited this dread.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

SMS: I'm being hit hard. Making flab form around my face is only part of what they're doing.

Friday, April 27, 2012

SMS: The assholes gave me a lump between my neck and chin with their electronic weapons. Their recent attacks are also leaving me feel 60 even though I'm 30.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

SMS: 10 police cars stopped at a nearby tavern. At 1st glance, it appeared that they were questioning someone. They were just standing there when I looked close

Sunday, April 15, 2012

SMS: They're bombarding me with synthetic telepathy. They were clearly trying to torture me into leaving my apartment. They clearly succeeded.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

SMS: I'm being hassled by the police lately. Will describe more in the future.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

SMS: False alarm; for some strange reason, I just forgot the location of my books after putting them somewhere else. This was only a few seconds prior.
SMS: Somebody came into my apartment and stole two books. I see some signs of the window screen being pride open.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

SMS: I just saw some of my perps fight amongst each other (or maybe it was a psy-op). They were wearing Weed and Seed colors. Homeland Security at its finest.

Friday, March 23, 2012

SMS: I just experimented with placing rare earth magnets against my temples. The results were quite interesting. I'll describe in more detail in the near future
SMS: The one of the perps just said via V2K, "I wouldn't want to give him the 21st of my Monday. I think he's threatening to do something big on the May 21st.
SMS: The Internet on my cell phone is going haywire. It first slows as I check my e-mail. Now, it's completely blocked. Their hacking my connection.
SMS: Receiving vertigo and V2K again. This happens everytime I document harassment.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

SMS: Right foot burning with great intensity. It burned even more when I thought about writing this SMS.
SMS: Receiving more hostile V2K blended with environmental noise. I'm also receiving heavy vertigo as of right now.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SMS: They're really trying to stop me from being physically active. First, they burn my feet with a weapon similar to ADS. Now, they're destroying my shoes.
SMS: I just found cuts around the bottom edges of my shoes. It could be wear and tear, but I highly doubt it. Hiking shoes are usually more durable.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This is an SMS text message. I was having abdominal cramps probably cause by the electronic weapons.

Monday, March 19, 2012

More Gang-Stalker Panic

 Saturday, March 17, 2012

Upon finishing my shopping at the arts and craft store, I took my laptop to a Wi-Fi hotspot to work on my blog. I started with writing the previous entry, revising the "About Me (in Detail)" section after I had finished---The "Religious Background" subsection sounded too much like rambling. This was caused my having difficulty concentrating the first time I wrote it. "Customers" came inside and out to watch me. The most peculiar one was a Redneck sitting across from where I was sitting. He took constant glances toward me, eventually growing impatient with my long typing. He shot from his seat and left the area, walking approximately thirty feet from the back of me. I heard him say, "He's going to be up all night." It wasn't clear if he was talking to another person or himself. I did not bother to look behind me. After I had finished typing, I closed my laptop and headed home. 

The night seemed quiet except for seeing a police car pass me (I have been getting a lot of that starting in early 2010) and three civilian vehicles dodging into parking lots to watch me while indicating that I'm being watched. Things got louder when I got closer to Downtown Lancaster. I was almost home when I saw three young Hispanic men approximately in their early twenties walking along the sidewalk across from me yelling. They were walking in a vertical line with the one in the middle wearing a red shirt. At the same time, I saw a young White guy of approximately the same age staggering past me on the same sidewalk where I was walking; he was wearing a green shirt. I heard somebody yell, "He done set it off now!" I believe that it was either one of the Hispanic guys or somebody hiding at a distance. The sound did echo all over the block. I walked behind the White guy with both of us heading the same direction. I looked over my shoulder to see if anybody was behind me; the backside was clear of pedestrians.  The White guy looked over his shoulder at me simultaneously. We both continued walking until the he stopped and moved in front of a bush adjacent to an apartment building. I continued walking the same direction looking over my shoulder to see if the White guy was watching me. I saw him urinating on the bush while watching me over his shoulder in disgust. 

When I arrived at my residence, I went inside my apartment and relaxed on the sofa. I checked the time and it read One 'o Clock in the morning. I called into some TalkShoe conference calls to see if they were still running; both were inactive. I then called another Targeted Individual (TI) that I know to chat with her. There was no answer, but a voicemail recording. I left a message and disconnected the call. I went to my bedroom to lie in bed, receiving a phone call from the TI five minutes later. As we were talking, a conversation started about home invasions. I revealed that I heard a man on TalkShoe, whom is said to be a former contractor for the Federal Government and a current whistleblower, disclose that the government has technology for teleporting inside people's homes. I told the TI that I seem to awake to disturbances to my items no matter what measures I take to secure the apartment. I suspected that they were using this technology. Our conversation ended two hours later and I prepared for bed. I didn't try to go immediately to sleep however. I instead began constructing my shielding device. I heard cars pass my building blowing their horns as I went to work.

I laid on my bed: felt fabric, super glue, and rare earth magnets. I cut the felt into four rectangles and one headband. I folded one side of each rectangle and super glued it in a manner to leave a hollow opening similar to a pocket. I then glued the other side of each rectangle onto the headband. When the glue dried, I slid a rare earth magnet into one pouch and tested on an uncovered magnet. I found it had less strength when encased inside of felt. I tried taking the magnet out and putting together with another magnet, slipping the pair into the pouch afterward. I tested the pouched magnets again and saw improvement in pull strength. I put some other magnets together in pairs and slid each inside of one pouch. I went to sleep, wearing the headband on my head. I kept having problems with a magnet falling out of the front pouch and landing on my left eye, so I put the magnet aside, leaving the front pouch empty. I began to hear Voice-to-Skull (V2K) transmissions the minute I began trying to sleep. I kept the headband on my head in spite of this attack to see if it will at least destroy any implants that I may have. I began to see a white light flash before my eyes. This contractor told me that I should see one of those the first time I experiment with these magnets. I then saw another flash of white light that appeared in the form of a hyponogogic vision depicting car headlights. I went to sleep only to awake to strange disturbances the next morning.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Beating Myself Up (with Others Helping)

I was getting ready to leave Lancaster and head for Providence, Rhode Island for a meeting that Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FCHS) was sponsoring. Something went wrong however. I originally was not sure whether I would attend the meeting in Providence, but decided on Wednesday (3/14/2012) that I would attend. I gave the moderator a call and told him that I want to attend the meeting. He mentioned in a conference call on TalkShoe that there were Targeted Individuals (TI) carpooling to the meeting and he would contact some of them if there are any TIs who cannot get there. There was a voicemail recording when I tried to call. I left a message asking about carpooling. I later called Amtrak's automated service to check the cost of boarding a train to Providence. It would cost a total of two-hundred four to three-hundred dollars for a round trip. I decided not to take the train and waited for the moderator to call me back.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I had not heard from the moderator, so I decided to call him again during my fifteen minute break at work. I still received a voicemail recording and left him another message. I made another attempt later during my half-hour break and still received a voicemail recording. I hung-up the phone instead of leaving a message that time. He called me back five minutes later and told me that he would call somebody and have him call me for arrangements. I received some intimidation at work after returning from break. After getting home from enduring the intimidation, I left my apartment to get a few things at CVS Pharmacy. I returned from the pharmacy later and passed a male child of approximately nine. He was with his family while sitting on a porch. He stared at me and I stared at him momentarily. He then yelled, "it's the meeting-guy" and looked over at his mother.

Friday, March 16, 2012

I did not hear from the contact and suspected that the perps were blocking my calls. I called the moderator back to ask if the man mentioned that he had trouble getting hold of me. He told me that there was never any mention of that. I told him I never heard from that guy and he asked me if I checked out Amtrak. I answered that it turned out to be too expensive. He suggested that I take a train to Philadelphia then a bus service called, "Mega-Bus" to Providence. He would later arrange for a ride back to Lancaster when the meeting is over. He told me that the fare for Mega-Bus mostly costs fifteen dollars. I tried calling this company to find out for sure about the fare. One customer service representative told me that they don't go to Providence, but I later called back to hear a different person tell me that they do go to Providence, but through a connection to New York. She also told me that the trip from Philadelphia to New York would range from seventeen to twenty-one dollars while the trip from New York to Providence would range from sixteen to one-twenty-nine dollars. I found the Providence trip too pricy. I was stomped on making a decision. I should have asked about the fare for specific times, but instead said "thank you" to her and disconnected the call. I was planning to leave my apartment to do some shopping at Wal-Mart and take my laptop to a Wi-Fi hotspot to use Mega-Bus' website to look up fares if I have enough time. I was feeling tired however and decided to lay down first. I figured the perps would use electronic weapons to force me to sleep---this technology had been possible since the 1930s as defined in Pages 31 & 32 of an e-book on organized stalking written by Eleanor White. I tried putting my head against the wall as I lay in bed to stay awake. That failed when I heard voices beaming into my head and immediately lost consciousness.

I awoken three hours later filled with anger. I decided to go out for a walk to remedy this tension. I originally planned  to continue with my plans to shop at Wal-Mart to do some shopping, but decided to put that off for the time being. I continued walking through whatever route came to mind. I was met with cars accelerating past me and blowing their horns. After I had finished my recreational walking, I decided to head to Giant and use their Wi-Fi at their marketplace cafe. I witnessed two police cars hiding in a parking lot and watching me while on my way over there. I went into the website of Amtrak to look up more options for fares. It was still too expensive so I decided to look into the Mega-Bus option. I had trouble figuring out what trips to take until I decided to take the 12:00 PM trip from Philadelphia to New York, then the 2:00 PM trip from New York to Rhode Island. I later realized that I erred in making that reservation. The information stated that the trip to New York would last from 12:00-2:00 PM. The Providence bus leaves New York at 2:00 PM. The thought didn't occur to me earlier that the Providence bus would leave at the same time that the New York bus arrives. I called Mega-Bus to cancel or change the reservation. Their customer service department was closed and the recording stated that it would open at 6:00 AM. I went home and went to bed. I received a call from the moderator. He told me he wanted to check-in with me. He also stated that I should by all means attend the meeting. He also told me about what they'll be discussing. I was excited while listening. When the conversation ended, I tried to go to sleep. I was disrupted with electronic harassment consisting of my foot burning and some rounds of Voice-to-Skull (V2K). I meditated in order to fight it and was successful.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I awoken at approximately 3:30 AM. I was still exhausted, so I stayed in bed for further rest. I got out of bed at 5:00 AM and showered. I then ate breakfast while waiting until 6:00 AM to cancel my reservations. I tried to call at six, but a different recording stated that they open at 7:30 AM. I at first thought about taking the early train and just wait until 12:00 when I arrive at Philadelphia, but decided to wait until 7:30 AM to cancel or change the reservation. They told me there has to be twenty-four hours notice before I can cancel. As for changing, they told me I would have to show up in person. I walked to the train station and went to one of the electronic kiosks to purchase a ticket. The early train would leave at 7:55 AM. It was currently 7:53 AM and I figured that train might have already left because of their clock being different from mine. I stood there staring at the kiosk, wondering what to do. The screen automatically canceled because of my staying idle. I sat on the bench wondering if I should take the later train, which was at around 8:55 AM. I later figured that there might not be earlier seats available when I go to Mega-Bus to change my reservation. I also figured I would have to take the 12:00 PM and miss the Providence bus, resulting in having to take the later one. The overall results would be that the trip will last so long that the meeting will come close to over by the time I arrive. I decided to call the moderator and cancel. Two perps watched as I left the train station and one of them laughed.

I started walking home feeling upset with myself. I thought about the perp laughing at me and decided to go back and take an even later train. I arrived at the train station and still thought that it might not work. I sat on an outdoor bench wondering if I should still try to depart to Philadelphia and do something else. I felt that I just had to leave the shithole known as Lancaster, but at the same time felt stomped on what to do in Philadelphia. A stranger asked me if I know if the bus is still leaving. I answered that I didn't know. I was hoping he wouldn't try to make conversation with me because I was not in the mood to talk. I felt that I would explode if he did. I was relieved to find that he did not try to make conversation with me. I decided again to walk back home. I arrived feeling tired, depressed, and disappointed. I came close to tears, but suppressed it because I knew I was being watched IN MY OWN HOME. I tried to sleep only to get disrupted with constant V2K. I lied on the bed for several hours to no avail. I arose from bed and decided to examine some material I had for improvised shielding. I then headed out to purchase additional material for the improvisation.

I was on my way to an arts and crafts store---it is either called Michael's or AC Moore. I cannot remember for certain---when I received bombardment of roadside harassment. Most of the motorists gave me dirty looks while one guy with a green shirt in the front passenger seat cracked his knuckles at me in a manner to suggest that he would beat me to a bloody pulp. The next motorist was a piece of Puerto Rican garbage-bag that I knew from work. He gave me angry looks with sweat trickling down his skin. I gave him a similar look and he yelled, "Cabron (Spanish for asshole)!" A grey haired White-Bred in his early fifties decided to give me angry looks as well and I flipped him my middle finger. He looked even more angry and he moved forward to suggest that he would get out of the car and confront me. Apparently, he thought I was stupid enough to believe he could get of the car while it's still moving.

I entered the store when I arrived and found myself immediately confronted by perps. First, there was a female employee---who looked slightly chubby---whom stopped me asked if I needed help finding anything. I told her I need pouches. She then told me about the different pouches they had. She then proceeded to ask me some intrusive questions such as my purpose for using the pouches. I didn't feel comfortable telling her it was for shielding from electronic harassment, so I instead told her it was to store items. She asked me about the items I'm storing. I told her it was collectable coins. She continued following me around with a basket while pretending to browse items. She clearly wanted me to know she was watching me because only an idiot would believe that a store employee on duty would shop for items. I then saw the store employee huddle with a group of American Stasis on what to do about my shopping at her store and minding my own business. One of these Stasis was some woman that I see walking through Downtown streets regularly. A minute later, I continued to browse with the feeling that I'm being watched. I looked over my shoulder and saw the same employee staring at me in anger while on the phone. I felt the urge to raise awareness of the problem to the store employee, but could not bring myself to do it. There were however, other perps passing me. I spoke some words to them in a moderately loud voice as they passed. These words were "you're being lied to." Feeling that my voice wasn't loud enough, I silently told myself I had to talk a little louder (without yelling). I now realize that I was appealing to the liars. The store clerk was the one being told the lies. I then heard the clerk say on the intercom, "We need a security watch in Aisles One, Two, Seven, and Nine." I continued browsing for the right pouches when I decided to make the pouches myself. I picked-out some fabric and took it the register to find myself last in line. The employee told me to have a nice day as she walked past me. A family of perps immediately appeared behind me---I get this a lot when I'm in stores. I now suspect that the employee's "friendly goodbye" was a signal for these perps to appear behind me. Another cashier appeared at an unlit counter and said she can take the next two people in line. I moved to the counter while the perps behind me didn't. They left the store instead.     

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Eve of Destruction

I'm feeling close to my own destruction and know that my perps are aiming to destroy me. They have been trying to keep me under virtual house arrest and I have put up quite a resistance. I have been on the receiving end of various electronic attacks twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week (24/7) for the past four weeks. These attacks have been most intense as I try to sleep at night after awakening from an artificially induced afternoon nap. These attacks have included, but are not limited to the following: Voice-to-Skull (V2K), image induction, dream manipulation, heart stimulation, lung stimulation, and involuntary body movements. I have also been receiving burns to the soles of me feet---mostly the right foot---especially as a way to keep me from leaving my apartment for reasons other than going to work.

One of the most recent attacks is swelling on the top of my right foot. I initially perceived it as cancer and bordered on panicking. I immediately called my local medical clinic to make an appointment. My doctor examined my foot and diagnosed me with cellulitis. He told me that there are cracks in my foot that got dirty and caused this bacterial infection. He showed me the cracks that I have previously failed to notice; for they were located between my toes. I believe it was their electronic weapons that caused these cracks. In addition, employees at my workplace contact a lot of dirt even in the locker room. Most of the men wear sandals to keep dirt from contacting their feet when walking to/from the showers, but I have been walking through barefoot. There was even one day when I used the shower facility and returned to my locker to find a shallow pile of black sand in front of my locker. I walked on the black sand because I had no way of protecting my feet. I figured they were trying to give me a bacterial infection to enhance the electronic attacks to my feet. I did rinse the sand from my feet after getting dressed, but that was apparently not enough as I later learned on Wednesday, February 15, 2012. I was prescribed medication (that I'm not sure about taking too often) for the ailment, but have a feeling it will not work. I have also purchase some epsom salt to mix with hot water for soaking my feet. It seems to lessen the pain from the electronic attack. There was also a day when I purchased a pair of slippers to protect my feet at a CVS Pharmacy located near me. This was while filling my prescription and receiving some gang-stalking attacks from two pharmacists and one stock clerk. I came to work the next day and used the slippers to keep my feet from contacting the dirty floor as I walk to the shower room. My perps at work showed great disdain for this measure when I heard one of them yell, "cabron (Spanish for 'asshole')."

Given these recent attacks, I believe I will be dead sometime this year. I'll be lucky to even live another month, but I would rather die free than live as a slave. I have revealed my situation to some friends and family members (one whom turned out to be a perp) and I hope they at least suspect my death to be related to the harassment. My cause of death will be recorded as an accident, suicide, or natural causes. I will not commit suicide; for I am too stubborn to submit in this manner. There is also no way I could die of natural causes because I'm thirty years old, eat a proper diet, and exercise on a regular basis. I cannot however tell you whether it really was an accident, but I can tell you it is unlikely since I'm very careful at most of my activities.  They'll probably use Directed Energy Weapons to induce this "accident."

Let it be known to the reader that I was not murdered by mere criminals. These criminals had a leader known as Uncle Sam.  

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Going for a Night Walk

I was asleep most of the day from being kept awake with electronic harassment in retaliation for exposing them in front of a bank surveillance camera and performing some gaslighting taunts against two of my Perps. This electronic harassment consisted mainly of attacks made on my penis, dream manipulation, and a side of Voice-to-Skull (V2K). I'll tell more about that in another entry, but right now I'll describe what I went through tonight when I decided to go out for a walk.

January 8, 2012

As I was leaving my apartment, I heard the sound of my upstairs neighbor and her friends banging on their floor. Everything seemed normal (except for a black SUV accelerating past me) until I got close to a street corner. That is when I heard the sound of somebody hooting and hollering. I crossed the street and came closer to a CVS Pharmacy. I saw two Black children running. The older child was pretending to chase the younger one. It became more evident that they were pretending when the older child stopped and looked me in face as if he knows me. I glanced at him for one second as I continued walking. I came toward a Black man whom had a brown pitbull on a leash. He answered a call made on his cell phone. He hung up his phone when I passed him and yelled, "We won!" He made that same hooting noise that he made earlier when I couldn't see him. I heard the sound of a dog's footsteps following me closely. The Black man then hooted again, yelling "We won! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!" He laughed afterward. I figured he was referring to some electronic attacks they made against me yesterday. I thought about responding at first, but decided to ignore him and keep walking. This is when I saw a police car pull in front of me upon crossing another street. 

I looked at the officers out of the corner of my eye and heard the front passenger one utter, "You shouldn't be out at this time of night."

I'll be out anytime I want, I thought to myself as I kept walking. Why can't you guys come after criminals instead of harassing innocent people like me? If you all came after criminals, Lancaster wouldn't be on the list of America's most dangerous cities (I once overheard this from a woman while waiting for a bus, but am now starting to think that was just a Psychological Operation [Psy-Op] ).

I kept walking until I arrived at the corner of Lemon Street and College Avenue. I turned right and headed Northward. I stopped at a street corner located at College Avenue and James Street. I  came close to a dead-end and saw three cars following each other closely until they stopped at a red light. The third car belonged to Franklin and Marshall College's security staff. I walked across the street and turned another right, heading East. I walked through James Street until I reached the corner of James and Prince. I turned left on Prince and headed Northward. As I was walking through Prince Street, I saw three Hispanic teenagers---two boys and a girl---who look like imitation Street Thugs. I noticed that one of my shoes were untied so I bent to tie it while moving out of the way of the teenagers. 

As they passed me, I heard the girl say, "How would you like me to punch you in the head?"

One of the boys responded to the threat as if the girl was talking to him.

I turned right when I reached the corner of Prince and Liberty. I continued walking through Liberty Street when I saw a blue car stop at an alley with its four-way flashers engaged. As I got closer to the car, I saw that it was full of Hispanic thugs. The car was blocking my way, so I waved at them and went around. One of the back passengers glared at me in surprise. I continued walking until I got approximately thirty feet from them. I looked over my shoulder to see if they were still watching me. I saw then looking right at me from out their windows. I started performing what I call a "Weed and Seed" walk. This is a certain type of walk that I've seen some of my stalkers perform to indicate that they are watching me. In this walk, they stick out their chest, spread out their arms, and move around their heads. I have seen only the male stalkers do it so far (including a nine-year-old boy). I call it The "Weed and Seed" walk because the people I believe are most primarily stalking me are members of an organization created by The U.S. Department of Justice called, "Weed and Seed." Performing this walk seemed to anger the Hispanic Perps even further. I stopped The Weed and Seed walk and returned to walking in a normal fashion. I then saw a dark red car pull out from another alley that had an elderly woman driving. She stopped at a parking lot near a bridge and engaged her four-way flashers. I looked at her for ten seconds and turned around. The woman left and drove through the bridge. I crossed the street when I started facing the bridge and walked across---there's a space for pedestrians. I ended up on Lititz Pike. I was on my way to a Giant located within that road. I continued seeing people watch me as I walked.

When I arrived at Giant, I entered through their cafe. I saw a group of people there most of whom had laptops, one of them was somebody from work---no surprises there. I sat at a table in front of him (the only vacant table with an electrical outlet) and set my laptop. I positioned myself so that the laptop faced my co-worker and started accessing the Internet through Giant's Wi-Fi network. I checked my e-mail and Facebook accounts first. I saw my co-worker get up and walk past me while looking through the corner of his eye with an angry glare. I got into Blogspot after finishing with the two accounts. I checked my traffic statistics then started typing this blog entry. The co-worker returned and sat at his seat.


Earth to Lancaster City Police: I will be out anytime I want. There is no curfew set for adults and I am over the age of eighteen. If I understand correctly, you have sworn to serve and protect the public trust, and the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. Your oath was not to protect criminals and cowards from their own insecurities or to act as enforcers for a global dictatorship. Your working with criminals rather than coming after them is why crime is such a problem in this city. That is why gangs are on the rise as reported by the Lancaster Newspapers. Harassing a few select individuals that made The Federal Government's hit list is not going to stop the gang problem. It also makes you a domestic enemy of our constitution. How does that make you feel? I just wish I can read your thoughts the way you read mine, so I can find the answer to that question.

To the Black guy who declared, "We won" and told me to put it in my pipe and smoke it: You may have won the battle, but you did not win the war. Even if I die, you'll still never win the war because there's other Targeted Individuals (TI) besides myself whom are trying to expose you people. In case you're thinking otherwise, I do not mean just the Black Perps. I mean ALL of you people. There are people being targeted who come in all races as well as those doing the targeting, so your race card does not mean a damn thing.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Occupy Lancaster Relocates

I walked by the corner of West Chestnut and North Prince Streets to find that The "Other 99%" is no longer occupying that area. My initial reaction was thinking that the City of Lancaster, PA must have shut them down. I felt glad at the very thought because I was getting sick and tired of them behaving like they own the place. The most common way I've seen them express this behavior was through intimidating me with Psy-Ops every time I walk past them upon checking my PO Box at the Post Office or purchasing something at a nearby convenience store. I then noticed a couple dressed as Occupy protestors watching me from across the street with the woman giving me a hostile glare. The couple looked away and went about their own business when I caught them. I continued walking through Prince Street and decided to head to the library. I turned on West Orange Street until I reached the corner of North Duke. I turned left and headed toward the library, which was only a short distance from that point. Upon arrival, I set my laptop and started logging onto The Internet. I looked for information about Occupy Lancaster to see if they actually shut down or if they just moved. I found that they relocated to South Franklin Street and hold their General Assemblies in front of a pet shop on North Queen.


I am still planning to post my past encounters with Occupy Lancaster and other factions of the organized stalking network that is targeting me. I will perform this task as I acquire the time and the ability to recall the encounters with at least ninety-five percent accuracy. I will also try to post any present encounters that I have with my Perps. I am finding that I do not always have the time or the ability to concentrate. Some of the Psy-Ops my Perps inflict upon me in retaliation for posting a blog entry contributes to this inability.. For those who believe that I'm intentionally spreading false propaganda against The Occupy Movement, I would like to say that I do not believe that everyone in the movement is an organized stalking perpetrator. I have however observed that at least fifty percent of the Lancaster faction is involved. I did attend a General Assembly back in Mid-November and met one person whom was not only a normal human being (other than a few eccentricities [I tend to be eccentric myself sometimes]), but also expressed great interest in learning more about the issue of government-sponsored stalking and electronic harassment. He seemed enthusiastic of my presence while the other protestors within my sight were not too thrilled at all. They made that clear to me when they glared upon my departure. I will describe more of that experience in a future blog entry. For now, I will just say that I hope this normal Occupant did not become a Perp. I did warn him that they manipulate other people into participation by spreading rumors about the Target.