Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Heavy Metal Attack

I was having a dream that occurs at my workplace. This is how the dream went:

I am standing in front of some bathroom stalls when two Puerto Rican co-workers give me dirty looks. I glare at them and keep staring. The two walk away from my presence. A heavy metal tune comes into my head. This tune begins to play in the background. My psyche lights with pride. My eyes widen giving me a feeling of triumph.

I believe I was partially awake during the next phase of this episode:

The scene transforms to my bedroom. I am lying in bed hearing the same tune along with incoherent lyrics. The music seems to emulate from my radio. I feel the sensation of magnetic fields pulling me toward the radio. I find the music enticing, but dislike the feeling of being pulled. I resist the pulling by tensing my body. I smile and bob my head to express enjoyment of the music as I resist. "Is that music or noise," I ask myself. I then hear the sound of silence---the music had stopped playing. I become fully awake and aware, realizing that I never had my radio turned on. I say to myself, "wait a minute, is that Voice-to-Skull (V2K)?" I realize that my Perps beamed that music into my head as I slept.

I came to work approximately two and a half hours later and find a co-worker with a long goat-tee glaring at me. I stare back for two seconds then walk past him. I walk to the locker room and began hearing remarks made about me in Spanish that include the use of my first name in English. I began to suspect later that it was the "long goat-teed" co-worker who made the V2K attack against me as I slept. I do know that he is into heavy metal music and does happen to live close to me.

Note: I was once told by another Target that Perps make V2K Attacks by firing microwave radiation into the Target's window. However, I do not believe that is always the case. I actually suspect that the modern V2K is tower-based with a satellite guided aiming system. A Perp then uses a custom-made smart phone application to aim and fire the radiation. I would like to do more research to find out if there's any current data available. The only information I have found so far regards handheld or mounted weapons aimed directly at the target.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Discovery of Implants

I have suspected that my stalkers have placed implants in various parts of my body. The first time I had this suspicion was when I had awakened from my sleep one day and found a cup knocked over that was sitting on top the nightstand. I felt a pinch in the back of my head. The second time I had this suspicion is when I saw strange bubbles along my left leg, close to the knees. The third time is when I awoken from my sleep with swollen gums.

The second suspicion seems most substantial due to my ability to actually see the presumed implants. I also read about a Targeted Individual (TI) in an issue of Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance's (FFCHS) newsletter whom had implants. He described them as "crater-like depressions" along the skin. I also saw a testimony given by a TI on YouTube about her implants. She supplied a photo and the surfaces on her skin had the same exact bubbles in the same exact location.

I have enclosed photos of the bubbles on my leg and will tell the full story of how I discovered them.

 Early 2010 

I was exercising at the gym in my workplace. Mirrors surrounded the gym, mounted to its walls. I looked in on of the mirrors while lifting weights and noticed a bump on my left leg near my knee. I examined this region closely and suspected that it was one of three things.

A. My stalkers implanted me with a tracking device.

The most likely cause of the disturbance.

I was coming down with cancer.

I ruled this out when I noticed that the bumps did not spread. They stayed in their original position. It is common knowledge that cancer usually spreads. I would be dead or hospitalized by now if that had been cancer.

C. I was coming down with varicose veins.

I am thirty years of age, It is unusual for somebody this young to get bellicose veins.

Below are three photos of my presumed implants. Even though I discovered them in Early 2010, I did not take the photos until August 2011. The first is how it typically appears after I exercise.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Occupants Involved in Gang-Stalking

As everyone knows by now a movement was started against "corporate greed" called, "Occupy Wall Street." It has subsequently spread to other places throughout the United States including Pennsylvania. It even spread to Lancaster. I passed through the event one night as they were having their General Assembly and ten of the protestors started behaving like Perps. There were additional days when I passed through the event after checking my PO Box at the Post Office, which happens to stand down the street from the occupation. I would get covert harassment not only at the occupation, but also outside of it. Protestors would walk by my residence or hang around nearby to watch me leave or return. They have also followed me inside of stores and the Post Office. In addition (believe it or not), one of them even went as far as sneaking into my workplace disguised as an employee. I will describe the first round of occupation related harassment in this blog entry while describing the other occurrences in future entries.

October 22, 2011

I was on my way to a convenience store to purchase some items when I saw the occupation set up at Art Park. I looked at the signs they had against their information stand. I walked away and heard somebody yell, "General Assembly." I continued onward heading to my intended destination. I heard footsteps behind me on my way to the store. I stumbled upon a bumpy sidewalk. One of the people following me made noises to mimic my stumbling. I ignored the stalkers and continued walking.

I arrived at the store minutes later, looking for an item that I wanted to purchase. I came into the store to buy a pack of light bulbs and a gallon of water since an electronic harassment Perp destroyed two of my light bulbs at least several months ago. I had trouble finding the light bulbs, so I went for the water retrieving a gallon from one of the refrigerators. I retrieved with it a bottle of Sobe Life Water and took both items to the counter. I asked the cashier if the store sold light bulbs. She pointed behind me stating that they were on that shelf. I went to the shelf to retrieve the bulbs. The cashier scanned the items giving me the total afterward. I paid for the items and headed out. I originally planned to only walk back to my apartment, but decided to also wear a button depicting the blue indigo ribbon just to see how the protestors react. I figured there would be Perps at the Occupation, but wanted to ascertain an approximate percentage. As I headed back home, I stopped to read their signs again. A group of young men in their early twenties looked over their shoulder to stare at me, one of them in a hostile manner. I walked away from the sign after I finished reading and continued onward. As I approached the edge of the park, I saw a fat woman with short blonde hair---apparently dyed---wearing a tie-dye shirt sitting on a concrete wall staring at me. She spat on the ground as I passed her. I figured her as a Perp at that moment due to the action she performed. The spitting on the ground is a stimulus in which the Perps have me sensitized through a process called, Neuro-linguistic Programing (NLP). I felt like calling the woman a hypocrite. I figured at the time that The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) is one of the things she is supposedly protesting against, yet she's getting involved in an aspect of it. I continued walking rather than actually acting on the urge. Like most Targets, I have to be careful about the manner in which I stand against my Perps since they use stealth. If I had lashed against this woman, I would have appeared as the aggressor while she remained presumably innocent. I approached a concrete wall that bordered an apartment complex. There were three more young men congregated on a plateau, located between two cases of stairs, behind that wall. They leered over the edge of the wall to watch me. The feeling that they might throw things at me started to encamp my nerves. I moved as far from the wall as possible as I walked. The young men watched me instead of throwing things like I feared. I turned onto another street and passed a parking lot when a light suddenly flashed into my face. I turned and saw a pick-up truck pull into the lot with its high beams fully engaged. The truck contained three Rednecks, whom stared at me in a sinister manner.

When I arrived home, I unscrewed a light bulb that was burnt out. I heard the sound of cars blowing their horns from all directions as I carried out this chore. I inserted one of the new light bulbs and flipped the switch to test it. The light powered on for a split second than blew out. I suspected that either one of my Perps disabled the light bulb or that the "new" one was defective. I unscrewed the light bulb and inserted the other new bulb, testing it afterward. It worked at normal performance.         

Friday, November 11, 2011

Trying to Kill Me?

I have been receiving increased bouts of Voice-to-Skull (V2K) and Synthetic Telepathy (SynTel) attacks from my perpetrators. The increase started on November fifth at my workplace during lunch break. I was in the bathroom when I received V2K transmissions at intense enough frequency to cause near unconsciousness. The voices transmitted to my brain were of three co-workers.  For four days onward, I received V2K and SynTel transmissions for virtually twenty-four hours a day. I would even wake from my sleep to find voices beamed into my head. There were even moments when I felt the urge to commit suicide, but remembered a promise I made on my Facebook page that I would do no such thing. I repeated that to myself as an affirmation every time I felt any such urge. I was talking with some other targets on TalkShoe and a woman by the name of Susan told me that the V2K is actually high level microwave frequencies that the Perps are firing at me. She advised that this was dangerous and life threatening. She gave me some shielding tips to help with the V2K. Susan as well advised me to ignore the V2K statements rather than respond or even think about them. I will admit that I was responding to them after the first several hours of enduring it. The attacks did decline by approximately ninety-seven percent when I tried ignoring the transmission. I later received a shielding tip from another target that helped a great deal.

Even though I do not remember the entire V2K/SynTel bombardment, I can provide details of some episodes, which I will post in a future entries.