Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Discovery of Implants

I have suspected that my stalkers have placed implants in various parts of my body. The first time I had this suspicion was when I had awakened from my sleep one day and found a cup knocked over that was sitting on top the nightstand. I felt a pinch in the back of my head. The second time I had this suspicion is when I saw strange bubbles along my left leg, close to the knees. The third time is when I awoken from my sleep with swollen gums.

The second suspicion seems most substantial due to my ability to actually see the presumed implants. I also read about a Targeted Individual (TI) in an issue of Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance's (FFCHS) newsletter whom had implants. He described them as "crater-like depressions" along the skin. I also saw a testimony given by a TI on YouTube about her implants. She supplied a photo and the surfaces on her skin had the same exact bubbles in the same exact location.

I have enclosed photos of the bubbles on my leg and will tell the full story of how I discovered them.

 Early 2010 

I was exercising at the gym in my workplace. Mirrors surrounded the gym, mounted to its walls. I looked in on of the mirrors while lifting weights and noticed a bump on my left leg near my knee. I examined this region closely and suspected that it was one of three things.

A. My stalkers implanted me with a tracking device.

The most likely cause of the disturbance.

I was coming down with cancer.

I ruled this out when I noticed that the bumps did not spread. They stayed in their original position. It is common knowledge that cancer usually spreads. I would be dead or hospitalized by now if that had been cancer.

C. I was coming down with varicose veins.

I am thirty years of age, It is unusual for somebody this young to get bellicose veins.

Below are three photos of my presumed implants. Even though I discovered them in Early 2010, I did not take the photos until August 2011. The first is how it typically appears after I exercise.

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