Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Stalkers Retaliate III

I actually wrote this blog entry at approximately 5:14 AM via BlogSpot Mobile Text Messaging. I checked the blog entry on my computer to find that it was split into three fragments. I took the liberty of consolidating the fragments into one entry. I have also added some more text to summarize an episode that I experienced later at night.

My stalkers are hitting me with microwave weapons at slightly greater intensity than usual. My left ear is aching at a moderate level and my cell phone is charging on its own. I had a Perp perform a harassment skit against me in a parking lot prior to this occurrence. I believe that this is some sort of scare-tactic in response to some work I was performing on this blog. I am currently in the break-room of my workplace; my shift starts at 6:30 AM.



I arrived home from work at four-twenty-five in the afternoon and immediately departed from the apartment to buy some products from a nearby pharmacy. I found some people looking at me in a manner to suggest that I have no right to be out. There were three people giving me this type of stare that I could remember. The first person is some piece of inbred White Trash (as many people in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania) with a shaved head. He was heavyset and might have had bad teeth---I would not be surprised. There was also a Black girl, approximately eight years of age with short hair. She was standing on her porch stretching at the time. The third person is boy, eight to ten years of age, sitting in the backseat of a car. He appeared to be White, Hispanic, or a mix of both races. However, both of his parents appeared to be White, so perhaps the child just had a tan. I took down the license plate number of the vehicle, but will not publish it here since I have no proof that the family is involved in stalking me. They could have just heard rumors about me from the people whom are involved. Absolutely nobody glared at me or showed any other signs of suspicion once I entered the pharmacy. There were also no pieces of subhuman garbage inside the pharmacy, just decent people. I left upon purchasing my items and walked back home. I began hearing cars blow their horns in rhythmic patterns from all directions. I continued walking and heard somebody yell my name while passing a tavern. I stopped to look for the person and found a young man watching me while hiding behind a concrete wall, mounted to the side of a stairway. This person appeared to be White/Hispanic with short hair that may have been filled with hairspray or some other chemical product. I am estimating his approximate age range at twenty to twenty-three.

I fell asleep two hours later. I had awakened at eleven-twenty-five at night. I arose from my bed to have a meal and went to do my laundry after finishing. There's a small facility near my apartment building for tenets to do their laundry. I took my clothes to that facility and placed them inside the washer. After dispensing the detergent, I deposited quarters inside and pressed the Start button to activate the machine. The washer failed to start. I checked the back to see if it was plugged into the socket, it was as normal. I kept pushing the button to no avail. I immediately suspected that my stalkers were connected to the machine's lack of functioning. I was thinking that they used some type of electronic bug to disable the washer or one of their satellite guided microwave weapons. I finally gave-up and took my clothes out of the washer. I took my clothes back inside the apartment. I looked out the window to see if anybody comes inside to use the facility. Nobody entered the small building, but I did see a young man walk past the apartment complex and the laundry facility. The young man was walking from the same area where the basement is located. I first thought that he was visiting one of my neighbors, but now suspect that he used the fuse box to disable the washer. 

This individual is a White male, approximately nineteen to twenty-one years of age with an approximate height of five-foot, eight inches. He was slim with neck length dark hair and was wearing a black shirt and black shorts.

Just as the attacks described in the text message, I suspect that all of these other episodes were retaliation for some work I was conducting on my blog. I was working on a glossary of terms associated with organized stalking. This glossary will contain a mixture of already established terms and terms of my own invention. I was working on this glossary shortly before leaving for work and was confronted with a slight noise campaign.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Imported from Gang-Stalking United

This story is imported from Gang-Stalking United. It was written on April 10, 2011.

I have found an apartment and am almost settled into it; I just have some more items to unpack and organize. I have been bombarded with more home invasions and electronic harassment since relocating. The first occurrence within the new dwelling happened when I fell asleep. I had a stun gun attached to the front of my belt at the time. I awoken to find the kill switch (a safety mechanism) unplugged from the stun gun and thrown on the floor. The home invasion was then followed by a noise campaign consisting of a mixture of NLWs and synchronized noises coming from vehicles, and pedestrians outside my apartment building. I also experienced some mild street theatre while walking the streets. I lived in this apartment for fifteen days so far and have experienced a total of three home invasions. The first would be the one described in this paragraph, along with two additional home invasions I shall document below:

1. April 6, 2011:  I arrived home from work and found a framed picture, cow plush toy, a bag of catnip, and an incense burner—standing on my dresser— rotated to a different position. I then heard the sound of a horn blowing in conjunction with three people Black people hooting as a I stared at the disturbance in bewilderment. I discovered a shirt of mine missing three days later.

2. Today (April 10, 2011): I awoken from my bed at 2:45 PM and found my back door (both deadbolt and doorknob) unlocked. I then found a small amount of brown powder dumped on my stove. I swabbed a sample with the use of my index finger and sniffed to determine the identity of the substance. It smelled similar to cumin, a spice that I have in a cabinet above the stove. I determined from this evidence that somebody entered my apartment as I slept and dumped some of my cumin on the stove. I did not use this spice anytime recently, so there is no way it could have been my doing. I also lock doors back by habit when exiting and re-entering my home, so there is also no way I could have forgotten to lock my door.

I have tried to share my entire story, but am finding it to be easier said then done. I seem to have trouble concentrating every time I even try to write the story in a private document. I am suspecting that the NLWs used against me might have played a role in this phenomena. I do know they have been using weapons against me that cause "poltergeist" disturbances and I do experience these disturbances most frequently when I try to document my experiences or any data I obtain on the subject through research. I am planning to start a blog on Blogspot soon and will provide a link to it as soon as I can concentrate well enough to get this project off the ground.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Important: Stalkers Retaliate II

This message was originally posted on Facebook and I am now re-posting it on Blogspot. I do not have any proof at present that any of the things I describe are happening to me, but I do have proof that this crime is possible. Please copy and paste this message into a word processor and save it to a file. If you ever hear about any of the below situations happening to me, send a copy of this message to your local media, alternative media, or any other media that might cover it.

I had my cell phone stolen from my locker at work today. It is related to some problems with organized stalking that I have experienced since September 2008. I have had people breaking into my home---both while out and asleep, harassing me on the streets, harassing me at work, and spying on me with the use of electronic surveillance equipment. There are other aspects of the ordeal you will definitely have trouble believing, but I swear to you it is true. The surveillance equipment used actually has the capabilities of reading my thoughts. I am aware of this phenomena because I have heard comments about my private life, including my thoughts as part of my harassment. I have also been attacked with the use of Electromagnetic Weaponry (EMW) and a device called Voice-to-Skull (V2K). Most of the people involved in the stalking appear to be Street Trash, including the ones on Lancaster City's South-Side. I have tried taking some action to expose these people including the process of starting a blog and reporting my ordeal to a human rights group called Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance. I am receiving retaliation for it.

If you ever hear that I have committed suicide, don't believe it; it's a lie! If you hear of my death, it very likely means that I was murdered. I WILL NEVER commit suicide!

You may also hear that I have been arrested for something. I am innocent if that is the case. I WILL NEVER kill somebody unless it is by accident or self-defense. I WILL NEVER do drugs either, so if you hear that I have been arrested for drug possession or drug-dealing, that's also a lie! I WILL also NEVER harass other people. If you hear that I have, that means I engaged a person whom decided to harass me.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Stalkers Retaliate

I have recently experience greater number of harassment than usual featuring the use of Voice-to-Skull (V2K), Electromagnetic Weapons, and possibly other forms of electronic assault.  I believe the increased intensity may have been in retaliation for exposing my stalkers. I have made efforts to expose them not only by starting this blog, but also by posting a story to Gang Stalking World and reporting the harassment to an organization called Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FCHS).

April 22, 2011

I was trying to sleep when I heard the sound (in my head) of a human-being imitating a horse. The sound of a preteen boy sarcastically saying, "you poor Mr. Robey" followed three minutes later. I then heard addition V2K noises (I cannot remember all of them), including the sound of Hip-Hop music and a human-being imitating a hyena. I arose from my bed and retrieved my laptop to began logging these disturbances when I felt a tapping sensation on my nose. I proceeded with the logging when I heard the sound of a man saying "stop that..." with louder volume accompanied by vibrations in my right ear. I was thinking that he was about to say "stop that shit," but failed to finish, judging by the tone used in the phrase. I turned off my computer and made another attempt at obtaining a good night's sleep. As I lay there on my back, I suddenly feel my right foot involuntarily jerk sideways at rapid speed. The front page of the FCHS website states that involuntary body movement is a symptom of electronic assault.

April 25, 2011

This date is when the retaliation was most intense.

While asleep in my bed, I had a dream that I was taking a bus to a site located near a local mall. The bus reached my stop. The driver and I argued about fare pricing; he wanted to charge me six dollars. I asked the driver "isn't the fare suppose to be one-fifty?" The driver replied by stating "you're a walking terror." I began waking from my sleep to hear the phrase, "walking terror" in the background. I felt myself involuntarily chant this statement upon becoming fully awake. The chanting stopped and I began feeling vibrations along my bed. Pain in my left ear at greater intensity than usual proceeded this phenomena, along with tingling and itching sensations in my right ear.  The intensity of the pain increased by the second. I found myself wishing the pain would stop. My wish was granted two to three minutes later. I placed my finger inside my left ear to see if it's bleeding. I found no blood, but was concerned that something was bleeding internally. I wet a wad of toilet paper with cold water and placed it inside my ear. I felt a short sting accompanied by a sign of cool relief. I started suspecting that the inside of my ear was burned with the use of a microwave weapon. I left my home for work. I rubbed the back of my head from ear to neck upon arriving at my workplace and felt some dull pain. I became concerned that I might have sustained some nerve damage. 

I logged the disturbances on my laptop later in the afternoon, immediately after arriving home from work. I started experiencing disturbances to my computer as I type. These disturbances were automatic cursor and sentence relocation. I began feeling tapping sensations on my left eardrum, right ear-loaf, and bridge of my nose upon correcting the errors caused by the computer disturbance. Some of my text then started deleting on its own in addition to more cursor relocation. A thumping sound on the part of the ceiling located above my head proceeded the disturbance. This was the sound of my neighbor stomping on his floor to indicate that he knows I am reporting the covert harassment. The hearing in my right ear began fluctuating as my text began highlighting on its own.

Ending Note

I experienced more electronic harassment mixed with non-electronic (gang stalking) harassment after the twenty-fifth day of April, but will not cover it in this blog entry. I will however, cover it in a future entry. I know these stories sound outrageous, but I swear to you that they are true. I sincerely wish I had a way to prove it. I'm sure you would understand if you are currently being gang stalked or have been in the past.