Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Almost Out of Breath

July 31, 2013

Today, the perpetrators caused my lungs to constrict on me while I was at work. This was further enhanced by my ranting quietly to myself at rapid pace as well as breathing with great force. I do have a habit of ranting a whole series of thoughts to myself while working, but this was at a faster speed than usual, leading me to suspect that the perps made me rant at this rate by taking electrical control of my brain. I know they have used forced speech on me before including its use for the purpose of threatening to make me talk to the point of suffocation, "make you talk 'til you run out of breath" were the exact words that they used through my own mouth. I believe they're doing this because they do not like that I'm exercising at the gym. I'm starting to get some results from going there and it's freaking them out. Another thing they don't like me doing is reading books, which I did after returning home last night (7/30/13). It was 11:25 PM, and I had decided to read a Stephen King book entitled "Night Shift" before going to sleep. I turned out my bedroom light and used my booklight for illuminating the pages as I read. Before I knew what hit me, I suddenly found myself awakened at 4:15 AM. I was a slightly astounded and confused even though this has happened in the past. I set my alarm to sound on the dot, but found that it failed to go off even fifteen minutes after the strike of the fourth hour. I arose from bed to engage in usual activity that included making coffee and eating breakfast. After I had finished breakfast, I went to get some items from the top of my bed to find my book lying flat on its back with my booklight still lit and hooked to it. I stood there in astonishment to wonder why my booklight was still active. It then occurred to me that my perpetrators took full control of my brain making me close the book and put it down. They then sedated me once I did, waking me up almost four hours later while suppressing the alarm signal inside my clock.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

SMS: The perps are making the bridge of my nose ache while causing liquid to form.