Thursday, September 25, 2014

Set-Up or Psy-Op?

October 28, 2013

I sat in the conference room at work beginning at 10:30 AM to watch a safety presentation alongside my co-workers. At the beginning an Executive Manager whom I shall call Mitch Brussel told us that we would be watching a video then added: "Don't fall asleep; fall asleep, and you'll get to go home for free and never come back." One of my co-workers replied: "Alright, does that mean we get an hour [off]?" I interpreted Mitch's statement as implying that he would fire anyone he catches falling asleep. The very first thought to come to mind was "oh, shit," for I knew all too well that my perpetrators like to put me under vertigo to the point of unconsciousness almost every time I watch a video. I prepared myself for the attack. It was five minutes into the video when I felt my eyes go through a mildly pulsing sensation. I felt myself reaching the peak of unconciousness, but fought by all means to keep myself alert. I tried keeping my eyes to their widest to find that it wasn't working. I then remembered hearing in a documentary several years ago about pain being a good stimulant. This statement was made in a History Channel documentary that aired during my television watching days, regarding the war in Vietnam. I pressed my knuckle to my temple, hoping to cause enough pain to alleviate the fatigue. The perps continued trying to put me under. The whole cycle continued throughout the video, but I managed to stay awake to the end in spite of the whole ordeal. I did notice at one point that I was the person Mitch seemed to watch most often as if I were the one he would most expect to fall asleep. I also happened to be the person of whom Mitch gave a strange grimace at the end of the presentation. I wondered at first if it was an attempt to set me up, but the thought later occurred to me that they still could have put me under if they wanted to accomplish such feat badly enough even in spite of my best efforts to stay awake, so I am therefore, concluding that it was in deed a psychological operation (psy-op) to get under my skin. The most nerving psy-ops wielded against me do often end with strange grimaces.