Monday, May 16, 2011

Imported from Gang-Stalking United

This story is imported from Gang-Stalking United. It was written on April 10, 2011.

I have found an apartment and am almost settled into it; I just have some more items to unpack and organize. I have been bombarded with more home invasions and electronic harassment since relocating. The first occurrence within the new dwelling happened when I fell asleep. I had a stun gun attached to the front of my belt at the time. I awoken to find the kill switch (a safety mechanism) unplugged from the stun gun and thrown on the floor. The home invasion was then followed by a noise campaign consisting of a mixture of NLWs and synchronized noises coming from vehicles, and pedestrians outside my apartment building. I also experienced some mild street theatre while walking the streets. I lived in this apartment for fifteen days so far and have experienced a total of three home invasions. The first would be the one described in this paragraph, along with two additional home invasions I shall document below:

1. April 6, 2011:  I arrived home from work and found a framed picture, cow plush toy, a bag of catnip, and an incense burner—standing on my dresser— rotated to a different position. I then heard the sound of a horn blowing in conjunction with three people Black people hooting as a I stared at the disturbance in bewilderment. I discovered a shirt of mine missing three days later.

2. Today (April 10, 2011): I awoken from my bed at 2:45 PM and found my back door (both deadbolt and doorknob) unlocked. I then found a small amount of brown powder dumped on my stove. I swabbed a sample with the use of my index finger and sniffed to determine the identity of the substance. It smelled similar to cumin, a spice that I have in a cabinet above the stove. I determined from this evidence that somebody entered my apartment as I slept and dumped some of my cumin on the stove. I did not use this spice anytime recently, so there is no way it could have been my doing. I also lock doors back by habit when exiting and re-entering my home, so there is also no way I could have forgotten to lock my door.

I have tried to share my entire story, but am finding it to be easier said then done. I seem to have trouble concentrating every time I even try to write the story in a private document. I am suspecting that the NLWs used against me might have played a role in this phenomena. I do know they have been using weapons against me that cause "poltergeist" disturbances and I do experience these disturbances most frequently when I try to document my experiences or any data I obtain on the subject through research. I am planning to start a blog on Blogspot soon and will provide a link to it as soon as I can concentrate well enough to get this project off the ground.

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