Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Important: Stalkers Retaliate II

This message was originally posted on Facebook and I am now re-posting it on Blogspot. I do not have any proof at present that any of the things I describe are happening to me, but I do have proof that this crime is possible. Please copy and paste this message into a word processor and save it to a file. If you ever hear about any of the below situations happening to me, send a copy of this message to your local media, alternative media, or any other media that might cover it.

I had my cell phone stolen from my locker at work today. It is related to some problems with organized stalking that I have experienced since September 2008. I have had people breaking into my home---both while out and asleep, harassing me on the streets, harassing me at work, and spying on me with the use of electronic surveillance equipment. There are other aspects of the ordeal you will definitely have trouble believing, but I swear to you it is true. The surveillance equipment used actually has the capabilities of reading my thoughts. I am aware of this phenomena because I have heard comments about my private life, including my thoughts as part of my harassment. I have also been attacked with the use of Electromagnetic Weaponry (EMW) and a device called Voice-to-Skull (V2K). Most of the people involved in the stalking appear to be Street Trash, including the ones on Lancaster City's South-Side. I have tried taking some action to expose these people including the process of starting a blog and reporting my ordeal to a human rights group called Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance. I am receiving retaliation for it.

If you ever hear that I have committed suicide, don't believe it; it's a lie! If you hear of my death, it very likely means that I was murdered. I WILL NEVER commit suicide!

You may also hear that I have been arrested for something. I am innocent if that is the case. I WILL NEVER kill somebody unless it is by accident or self-defense. I WILL NEVER do drugs either, so if you hear that I have been arrested for drug possession or drug-dealing, that's also a lie! I WILL also NEVER harass other people. If you hear that I have, that means I engaged a person whom decided to harass me.

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  1. I might also want to add that I may---sooner or later---get arrested for reporting an incident to law enforcement and expecting them to give me equal protection of the law rather than give my stalkers special protection.

  2. UPDATE: I found my cell phone. It was at the bottom of my locker. I am thinking that it might have either fallen out of a pair of pants I had in my locker or one of my co-workers relocated it for gaslighting purposes.