Friday, November 11, 2011

Trying to Kill Me?

I have been receiving increased bouts of Voice-to-Skull (V2K) and Synthetic Telepathy (SynTel) attacks from my perpetrators. The increase started on November fifth at my workplace during lunch break. I was in the bathroom when I received V2K transmissions at intense enough frequency to cause near unconsciousness. The voices transmitted to my brain were of three co-workers.  For four days onward, I received V2K and SynTel transmissions for virtually twenty-four hours a day. I would even wake from my sleep to find voices beamed into my head. There were even moments when I felt the urge to commit suicide, but remembered a promise I made on my Facebook page that I would do no such thing. I repeated that to myself as an affirmation every time I felt any such urge. I was talking with some other targets on TalkShoe and a woman by the name of Susan told me that the V2K is actually high level microwave frequencies that the Perps are firing at me. She advised that this was dangerous and life threatening. She gave me some shielding tips to help with the V2K. Susan as well advised me to ignore the V2K statements rather than respond or even think about them. I will admit that I was responding to them after the first several hours of enduring it. The attacks did decline by approximately ninety-seven percent when I tried ignoring the transmission. I later received a shielding tip from another target that helped a great deal.

Even though I do not remember the entire V2K/SynTel bombardment, I can provide details of some episodes, which I will post in a future entries.

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