Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Heavy Metal Attack

I was having a dream that occurs at my workplace. This is how the dream went:

I am standing in front of some bathroom stalls when two Puerto Rican co-workers give me dirty looks. I glare at them and keep staring. The two walk away from my presence. A heavy metal tune comes into my head. This tune begins to play in the background. My psyche lights with pride. My eyes widen giving me a feeling of triumph.

I believe I was partially awake during the next phase of this episode:

The scene transforms to my bedroom. I am lying in bed hearing the same tune along with incoherent lyrics. The music seems to emulate from my radio. I feel the sensation of magnetic fields pulling me toward the radio. I find the music enticing, but dislike the feeling of being pulled. I resist the pulling by tensing my body. I smile and bob my head to express enjoyment of the music as I resist. "Is that music or noise," I ask myself. I then hear the sound of silence---the music had stopped playing. I become fully awake and aware, realizing that I never had my radio turned on. I say to myself, "wait a minute, is that Voice-to-Skull (V2K)?" I realize that my Perps beamed that music into my head as I slept.

I came to work approximately two and a half hours later and find a co-worker with a long goat-tee glaring at me. I stare back for two seconds then walk past him. I walk to the locker room and began hearing remarks made about me in Spanish that include the use of my first name in English. I began to suspect later that it was the "long goat-teed" co-worker who made the V2K attack against me as I slept. I do know that he is into heavy metal music and does happen to live close to me.

Note: I was once told by another Target that Perps make V2K Attacks by firing microwave radiation into the Target's window. However, I do not believe that is always the case. I actually suspect that the modern V2K is tower-based with a satellite guided aiming system. A Perp then uses a custom-made smart phone application to aim and fire the radiation. I would like to do more research to find out if there's any current data available. The only information I have found so far regards handheld or mounted weapons aimed directly at the target.

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