Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Stalkers Retaliate IV

I was at a coffee house typing a blog entry known as Heavy Metal Attack on my laptop---I had Internet at home, but my ISP is discontinuing it's services. Upon arriving home, I received retaliation through the use of my Perps increasing the frequency of their Electronic Weapons (EW). It began when I was lying in bed. I received a Voice-to-Skull transmission of a thirteen-year-old Black kid saying "jaw broken." I felt the sensation of my jaw involuntarily moving three seconds later. I have since felt sensations of pressure along various parts of my jaw and my teeth. I have also experienced increased pressure in my head and even felt sick to my stomach just a few hours ago (12/1/11 11:34 PM). I am wondering if I have some internal bleeding. I will consider getting a physical examination to see if I have any medical problems arising from these weapons. I will, of Course, not tell my doctor anything about the electronic weapons. I do have a small amount of fear that they will retaliate in ways that land me in the hospital and/or morgue, but also believe that this type of attack will happen anyway. I believe that they are gradually trying to destroy me already. That is one of the main purposes of the phenomena occurring against three-point-four (3.4) million Americans along with people in other parts of the world. The Elite have to "weed out" the "undesirables" and anybody whom might interfere with their plans for world government. 


  1. Try to not give in to the manipulation and control of "if you dont do this you will get relief" or "do this for relief".
    For it is all fighting shadows, and will slowly in a brainwashing way fade giving you less and less relief and what not till they are simply bossing you around w/ fear.

  2. Thanks for the advice, spazmunkee!