Thursday, January 5, 2012

Occupy Lancaster Relocates

I walked by the corner of West Chestnut and North Prince Streets to find that The "Other 99%" is no longer occupying that area. My initial reaction was thinking that the City of Lancaster, PA must have shut them down. I felt glad at the very thought because I was getting sick and tired of them behaving like they own the place. The most common way I've seen them express this behavior was through intimidating me with Psy-Ops every time I walk past them upon checking my PO Box at the Post Office or purchasing something at a nearby convenience store. I then noticed a couple dressed as Occupy protestors watching me from across the street with the woman giving me a hostile glare. The couple looked away and went about their own business when I caught them. I continued walking through Prince Street and decided to head to the library. I turned on West Orange Street until I reached the corner of North Duke. I turned left and headed toward the library, which was only a short distance from that point. Upon arrival, I set my laptop and started logging onto The Internet. I looked for information about Occupy Lancaster to see if they actually shut down or if they just moved. I found that they relocated to South Franklin Street and hold their General Assemblies in front of a pet shop on North Queen.


I am still planning to post my past encounters with Occupy Lancaster and other factions of the organized stalking network that is targeting me. I will perform this task as I acquire the time and the ability to recall the encounters with at least ninety-five percent accuracy. I will also try to post any present encounters that I have with my Perps. I am finding that I do not always have the time or the ability to concentrate. Some of the Psy-Ops my Perps inflict upon me in retaliation for posting a blog entry contributes to this inability.. For those who believe that I'm intentionally spreading false propaganda against The Occupy Movement, I would like to say that I do not believe that everyone in the movement is an organized stalking perpetrator. I have however observed that at least fifty percent of the Lancaster faction is involved. I did attend a General Assembly back in Mid-November and met one person whom was not only a normal human being (other than a few eccentricities [I tend to be eccentric myself sometimes]), but also expressed great interest in learning more about the issue of government-sponsored stalking and electronic harassment. He seemed enthusiastic of my presence while the other protestors within my sight were not too thrilled at all. They made that clear to me when they glared upon my departure. I will describe more of that experience in a future blog entry. For now, I will just say that I hope this normal Occupant did not become a Perp. I did warn him that they manipulate other people into participation by spreading rumors about the Target.

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