Sunday, January 8, 2012

Going for a Night Walk

I was asleep most of the day from being kept awake with electronic harassment in retaliation for exposing them in front of a bank surveillance camera and performing some gaslighting taunts against two of my Perps. This electronic harassment consisted mainly of attacks made on my penis, dream manipulation, and a side of Voice-to-Skull (V2K). I'll tell more about that in another entry, but right now I'll describe what I went through tonight when I decided to go out for a walk.

January 8, 2012

As I was leaving my apartment, I heard the sound of my upstairs neighbor and her friends banging on their floor. Everything seemed normal (except for a black SUV accelerating past me) until I got close to a street corner. That is when I heard the sound of somebody hooting and hollering. I crossed the street and came closer to a CVS Pharmacy. I saw two Black children running. The older child was pretending to chase the younger one. It became more evident that they were pretending when the older child stopped and looked me in face as if he knows me. I glanced at him for one second as I continued walking. I came toward a Black man whom had a brown pitbull on a leash. He answered a call made on his cell phone. He hung up his phone when I passed him and yelled, "We won!" He made that same hooting noise that he made earlier when I couldn't see him. I heard the sound of a dog's footsteps following me closely. The Black man then hooted again, yelling "We won! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!" He laughed afterward. I figured he was referring to some electronic attacks they made against me yesterday. I thought about responding at first, but decided to ignore him and keep walking. This is when I saw a police car pull in front of me upon crossing another street. 

I looked at the officers out of the corner of my eye and heard the front passenger one utter, "You shouldn't be out at this time of night."

I'll be out anytime I want, I thought to myself as I kept walking. Why can't you guys come after criminals instead of harassing innocent people like me? If you all came after criminals, Lancaster wouldn't be on the list of America's most dangerous cities (I once overheard this from a woman while waiting for a bus, but am now starting to think that was just a Psychological Operation [Psy-Op] ).

I kept walking until I arrived at the corner of Lemon Street and College Avenue. I turned right and headed Northward. I stopped at a street corner located at College Avenue and James Street. I  came close to a dead-end and saw three cars following each other closely until they stopped at a red light. The third car belonged to Franklin and Marshall College's security staff. I walked across the street and turned another right, heading East. I walked through James Street until I reached the corner of James and Prince. I turned left on Prince and headed Northward. As I was walking through Prince Street, I saw three Hispanic teenagers---two boys and a girl---who look like imitation Street Thugs. I noticed that one of my shoes were untied so I bent to tie it while moving out of the way of the teenagers. 

As they passed me, I heard the girl say, "How would you like me to punch you in the head?"

One of the boys responded to the threat as if the girl was talking to him.

I turned right when I reached the corner of Prince and Liberty. I continued walking through Liberty Street when I saw a blue car stop at an alley with its four-way flashers engaged. As I got closer to the car, I saw that it was full of Hispanic thugs. The car was blocking my way, so I waved at them and went around. One of the back passengers glared at me in surprise. I continued walking until I got approximately thirty feet from them. I looked over my shoulder to see if they were still watching me. I saw then looking right at me from out their windows. I started performing what I call a "Weed and Seed" walk. This is a certain type of walk that I've seen some of my stalkers perform to indicate that they are watching me. In this walk, they stick out their chest, spread out their arms, and move around their heads. I have seen only the male stalkers do it so far (including a nine-year-old boy). I call it The "Weed and Seed" walk because the people I believe are most primarily stalking me are members of an organization created by The U.S. Department of Justice called, "Weed and Seed." Performing this walk seemed to anger the Hispanic Perps even further. I stopped The Weed and Seed walk and returned to walking in a normal fashion. I then saw a dark red car pull out from another alley that had an elderly woman driving. She stopped at a parking lot near a bridge and engaged her four-way flashers. I looked at her for ten seconds and turned around. The woman left and drove through the bridge. I crossed the street when I started facing the bridge and walked across---there's a space for pedestrians. I ended up on Lititz Pike. I was on my way to a Giant located within that road. I continued seeing people watch me as I walked.

When I arrived at Giant, I entered through their cafe. I saw a group of people there most of whom had laptops, one of them was somebody from work---no surprises there. I sat at a table in front of him (the only vacant table with an electrical outlet) and set my laptop. I positioned myself so that the laptop faced my co-worker and started accessing the Internet through Giant's Wi-Fi network. I checked my e-mail and Facebook accounts first. I saw my co-worker get up and walk past me while looking through the corner of his eye with an angry glare. I got into Blogspot after finishing with the two accounts. I checked my traffic statistics then started typing this blog entry. The co-worker returned and sat at his seat.


Earth to Lancaster City Police: I will be out anytime I want. There is no curfew set for adults and I am over the age of eighteen. If I understand correctly, you have sworn to serve and protect the public trust, and the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. Your oath was not to protect criminals and cowards from their own insecurities or to act as enforcers for a global dictatorship. Your working with criminals rather than coming after them is why crime is such a problem in this city. That is why gangs are on the rise as reported by the Lancaster Newspapers. Harassing a few select individuals that made The Federal Government's hit list is not going to stop the gang problem. It also makes you a domestic enemy of our constitution. How does that make you feel? I just wish I can read your thoughts the way you read mine, so I can find the answer to that question.

To the Black guy who declared, "We won" and told me to put it in my pipe and smoke it: You may have won the battle, but you did not win the war. Even if I die, you'll still never win the war because there's other Targeted Individuals (TI) besides myself whom are trying to expose you people. In case you're thinking otherwise, I do not mean just the Black Perps. I mean ALL of you people. There are people being targeted who come in all races as well as those doing the targeting, so your race card does not mean a damn thing.

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