Saturday, May 19, 2012

Who's Really Getting Paid Too Much?

May 13, 2012

I went out for a walk yesterday morning (5/12/12) at 5:00 AM (EST). Everything seemed quiet here in Lancaster, PA except for a few perps. One of them happened to be a Black guy wearing red and black shorts with a white tank-top. I sat on a bench after walking for an hour and a half to see heavy traffic suddenly passing my way. I believed that half of the traffic was heading for work while the other half were stalking me. Quite a few vehicles had people giving me dirty looks. Some of these vehicles were police cars. The good thing about this episode was that most of the people out that morning were decent or seemingly decent people. There were virtually no Urban or White Trash cruising or walking the streets. This made Lancaster actually look beautiful for a change. I departed from the bench twenty minutes later and continued my walk.

I felt mentally relaxed after I got home. I continued being active around my apartment. I cleaned a few parts of it then read some books. I also started getting on my laptop to do some research on shielding from electronic assaults. Some of the research included listening to a recorded Talkshoe conference call about shielding as well as reading a section of an E-Book called, "Coherent Madness."  I read some Kindle books after I finished. One of them was a book that I particularly enjoyed and decided to re-read entitled, "Anthem" written by Ayn Rand. I then watched some DVDs containing episodes of a TV Show I used to enjoy. While watching this DVD, I heard a neighbor pass by the apartment and cough. Many of my perps perform this action to indicate that they are part of the program. I lied in bed to relax after I finished watching the DVD. I received a Voice-to-Skull (V2K) transmission stating, "You get paid too much." I reacted by wondering what the hell that statement was suppose to mean, but later figured that it means they're too easy on me.

I wouldn't exactly call their activities easy. Even though, I have my times when I'm energetic, I have mostly felt warn. I have after all received home invasions, street harassment, mobbing, burns (to my feet almost 24/7), shocks, V2K, Synthetic Telepathy (SynTel), softening of flesh, and find my nation going to hell with my own government doing nothing; but wasting my tax dollars and enlisting criminals to stalk, harass, and torture me along with millions of other innocent people. My perps should have by all rights been jailed at the very least and executed at the very worst. If anything, they're the ones who are getting paid too much.

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