Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Night of Mind Tampering

Friday May 25, 2012

I was sitting on the sofa feeling fatigued and dazed. It was approximately 10:30 PM. I suspected that the perpetrators were hitting me with more radiation than usual. I departed from my apartment to get away from it, remembering that I feel better every time I am out. I had anticipated on going for a recreational walk and get into a TI conference call on TalkShoe. I used my cell phone to dial into the call.  I saw a grey car sit in the middle of the street with its four-way flashers illuminating. The person in the driver's seat was a Black guy whom was just sitting there. I suspected that he was watching me, so I stopped near a sign and pulled my camcorder from my pocket. I was getting ready to film when a second Black guy came out of a nearby apartment building and got into the front passenger seat. The car drove away, stopping at a near red light. I heard a car set off its alarm as I continued to walk. The alarm became louder when I reached its vicinity. I crossed the street and immediately found cars accelerating past me, some absent of mufflers.  I also found police officers passing me in circles. I later came on Orange Street near a Sunoco gas station. I passed by a group of interracial assholes, consisting of two young Black guys, two young White guys, and an old White person who's gender I could not distinguish. I thought it might have been an old lady at first glance, but wondered if it was actually an old man. I saw one of the young White guys smoking a cigarette. I figured he might blow it in my face. He did not blow it in my face, but he did blow the cigarette on me when I turned my back. I knew when I smelled the smoke near my face. I then heard the guy holler, "hey" in the type of long feminine tone that some of the Hip-Hop affiliated Black people yell. I ignored him until I got approximately twenty feet away. I turned around to look at him and his friends, pulled my camcorder, and started filming them. A police car immediately accelerated past me at my surprise and turned into an alley. The assholes started cheering. I did not directly confront the guy because I knew all too well that it might give the police legal grounds to arrest me. I also would have had to contend with four guys at once, a task that is impossible to perform unless one is a black belt in martial arts. I was on my way back home when the conference call ended.

I arrived home ten minutes later and what happened next was scarier than anything else I have experienced. I was relaxing in my bed and reading a book entitled, "Project Soul Catcher: Volume II" written by Robert Duncan when I was bombarded with Voice-to-Skull (V2K) transmissions. The first was of a Black guy yelling, "Hey Rob." I ignored him and continued reading. This is when I heard a young woman yell, "shut up." I still continued reading, but finding myself forgetting what I read. I kept re-reading the same passages. I was bombarded repeatedly with V2K transmissions instructing me to "shut up." I became tired and lost consciousness. While asleep I had a dream that I was in a hotel with my father in a city located in a southern state. This is the best way I remember this dream:

I am in the hotel hallways with my eyes involuntarily twitching and my body shaking. I entered a room with my father inside. My father accused me of shooting heroin. I swore up and down that I was not using heroin and my father indicated skepticism of my defense by telling me that I have all the symptoms of heroin addiction. I kept holding my position in the argument. After the argument ended, I stepped out of the room and walked through the halls. I went for a walk through the hotel to calm down the way I walk through the streets in real life to calm myself down. I wondered if my perpetrators are using technology for beaming heroin into my body. I entered a room with floors littered with laundry. Some of it was bedsheets. I figured this is the hotel's laundry room.

I awakened from my bed groggy and wondering if they have that type of capability in real life. I figured that they planted this dream as a threat to get me to stop fighting their harassment.

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