Saturday, May 19, 2012

Financial Destruction

May 16, 2012

I believe my perps have set me up in a way that paves for my financial destruction. Back in April, I received a call from a creditor about a debt. I couldn't talk to this creditor at the time they first called me, but I did make plans to call them later to make arrangements for repayment. However, I received increased attacks with the electronic weapons every time I made these plans. This was accompanied by psychological operations (psy-op) consisting of increased noise campaigns. I started putting it off after awhile and the attacks decreased until the day I received notice from The Treasury Department about offsetting my tax refund. My perps apparently knew the day that the notice would come because I received an unusual amount of harassment. The first round occurred in the workplace then on the streets after I got home. I do not want to go into too much detail about the workplace aspect, but I was approaching my mailbox when I got home and heard someone across the street blow his horn with great force. The horn sounded more rapidly when I opened and read the notice. I became dumbfounded and wondered if they just played some kind of trick to cause my financial destruction. I took the letter inside and wondered what to do about this situation. I then left my apartment to run some errands, I found laying in front of my building, an item that somebody a work stole from me earlier in the day. I picked up the item, put it in a bag I took with me, and continued on my way.

I am also believing the part of this situation was my fault. There was part of me that dreaded contacting these creditors. But I believe the perps might have intentionally exploited this dread.

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