Monday, March 19, 2012

More Gang-Stalker Panic

 Saturday, March 17, 2012

Upon finishing my shopping at the arts and craft store, I took my laptop to a Wi-Fi hotspot to work on my blog. I started with writing the previous entry, revising the "About Me (in Detail)" section after I had finished---The "Religious Background" subsection sounded too much like rambling. This was caused my having difficulty concentrating the first time I wrote it. "Customers" came inside and out to watch me. The most peculiar one was a Redneck sitting across from where I was sitting. He took constant glances toward me, eventually growing impatient with my long typing. He shot from his seat and left the area, walking approximately thirty feet from the back of me. I heard him say, "He's going to be up all night." It wasn't clear if he was talking to another person or himself. I did not bother to look behind me. After I had finished typing, I closed my laptop and headed home. 

The night seemed quiet except for seeing a police car pass me (I have been getting a lot of that starting in early 2010) and three civilian vehicles dodging into parking lots to watch me while indicating that I'm being watched. Things got louder when I got closer to Downtown Lancaster. I was almost home when I saw three young Hispanic men approximately in their early twenties walking along the sidewalk across from me yelling. They were walking in a vertical line with the one in the middle wearing a red shirt. At the same time, I saw a young White guy of approximately the same age staggering past me on the same sidewalk where I was walking; he was wearing a green shirt. I heard somebody yell, "He done set it off now!" I believe that it was either one of the Hispanic guys or somebody hiding at a distance. The sound did echo all over the block. I walked behind the White guy with both of us heading the same direction. I looked over my shoulder to see if anybody was behind me; the backside was clear of pedestrians.  The White guy looked over his shoulder at me simultaneously. We both continued walking until the he stopped and moved in front of a bush adjacent to an apartment building. I continued walking the same direction looking over my shoulder to see if the White guy was watching me. I saw him urinating on the bush while watching me over his shoulder in disgust. 

When I arrived at my residence, I went inside my apartment and relaxed on the sofa. I checked the time and it read One 'o Clock in the morning. I called into some TalkShoe conference calls to see if they were still running; both were inactive. I then called another Targeted Individual (TI) that I know to chat with her. There was no answer, but a voicemail recording. I left a message and disconnected the call. I went to my bedroom to lie in bed, receiving a phone call from the TI five minutes later. As we were talking, a conversation started about home invasions. I revealed that I heard a man on TalkShoe, whom is said to be a former contractor for the Federal Government and a current whistleblower, disclose that the government has technology for teleporting inside people's homes. I told the TI that I seem to awake to disturbances to my items no matter what measures I take to secure the apartment. I suspected that they were using this technology. Our conversation ended two hours later and I prepared for bed. I didn't try to go immediately to sleep however. I instead began constructing my shielding device. I heard cars pass my building blowing their horns as I went to work.

I laid on my bed: felt fabric, super glue, and rare earth magnets. I cut the felt into four rectangles and one headband. I folded one side of each rectangle and super glued it in a manner to leave a hollow opening similar to a pocket. I then glued the other side of each rectangle onto the headband. When the glue dried, I slid a rare earth magnet into one pouch and tested on an uncovered magnet. I found it had less strength when encased inside of felt. I tried taking the magnet out and putting together with another magnet, slipping the pair into the pouch afterward. I tested the pouched magnets again and saw improvement in pull strength. I put some other magnets together in pairs and slid each inside of one pouch. I went to sleep, wearing the headband on my head. I kept having problems with a magnet falling out of the front pouch and landing on my left eye, so I put the magnet aside, leaving the front pouch empty. I began to hear Voice-to-Skull (V2K) transmissions the minute I began trying to sleep. I kept the headband on my head in spite of this attack to see if it will at least destroy any implants that I may have. I began to see a white light flash before my eyes. This contractor told me that I should see one of those the first time I experiment with these magnets. I then saw another flash of white light that appeared in the form of a hyponogogic vision depicting car headlights. I went to sleep only to awake to strange disturbances the next morning.

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