Wednesday, August 17, 2011

SMS #0022: I twice passed a preteen girl dressed in light blue (one of their colors) who bent over in front of me both times. Coincidence? I think not.

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  1. By the way, I passed this girl twice because she was sitting on the porch of her house with her family. This house is located near a CVS Pharmacy where I was walking to purchase something. I passed her once on my way home upon the completion of purchase. At some point, I realized that I left something of mine on the checkout counter. I walked back to CVS to get the item and when I passed the girl the second time. The reason why this girl bent over in front of me is because some adults told her to perform this type of gesture. In organized stalking (called "community policing" in politically correct terms), the perpetrators commonly have children make sexual gestures to the people they target. This is apparently done for a two-fold purpose:

    1. To catch the target being a pedophile if he/she really is one.

    2. To cause shock and/or irritation in the target's psyche if he/she is not a pedophile.

    They also in some cases get the child to say and/or do something to coax the target into looking at him/her as he/she makes a sexual gesture, and/or wears revealing clothing, so they can record the act and use it against the target in a future smear campaign.

    Organized stalking perpetrators like to pave their targets as amoral garbage, but this label more rightfully belongs to anyone whom would parade a child in front of a stranger as if this he/she were a prostitute. It matters not if our government ordered them to sexually pose their children. It still makes them a sleaze by my definition and by definition of anybody else who has any moral decency in them. I know these disgusting tramps are doing more than just following orders because there are different factions of the stalking network in existence and I have met some perpetrators from one of the more decent factions who actually had enough integrity not to treat their children as sex objects.