Monday, July 14, 2014

Facebook Tampering

June 20, 2014

I had arisen from bed this morning following a conversation I had with an online friend of mine (also a TI), feeling groggy as hell. I decided to go back to bed for another hour to rest. I departed from bed, heading toward the pot of coffee that I had already set  to brew the previous night. I had my first cup then took out a pot to cook some oatmeal. I made the oatmeal using a combination consisting of a small amount of coconut milk I had leftover, water, and oats; I heated up the first two in the pot. I proceeded to wash dishes as I waited for the mixture to boil. I poured in the oats as I noticed the first sign of the mixture boiling. I stirred the oats into the mixture and turned down the heat, continuing to wash dishes afterward. I turned off the heat after allowing the mixture to boil then retrieved my Kindle Fire. I sat at the coffee table to check my e-mail and Facebook accounts. I came across a post that was made to one of my subscribed groups known as Pennsylvania Against The New World Orde (PANWO). This post was a link to a video of a speech made by a Tea Party activist by the name of Andrew Breitbart. The description read thay this was the speech that got him assinated by Obama. I had never heard of this Breitbart nor his death, so I took it upon myself to do some research on him. I went to a search engine to type in his name. I found some hits with the first one being a Wikipedia article baring his full name along with the dates of his birth and death. I clicked on that link and began reading the article. I started with his life story and skipped a few sections to read about his death. The article stated that he mysteriously collapsed. The coroner ruled that he died of heart failure. I wondered to myself how a man of forty-three dies of heart failure. The article also stated that some people believe that he was poisoned with drugs or other chemicals, but coroner found no such substance in his system. With these circumstances, the first thing to come to mind was "directed energy weapon." I then proceeded to go to other posts within the PANWO group. I came across one regarding a video featuring featuring clips of Joe Biden, Barrack Obama, and George Bush, Sr. glamourizing the idea of a New World Order. I clicked the link to reach the video on YouTube. I went back to Facebook after I had finished watching to comment on the video. When I finished typing and hit the comment button, my screen converted to a different thread with my comment posted there instead.

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