Saturday, September 17, 2011

Puerto Rican Perps

 Neutral---A person whom is neither a Target nor a Stalker. The majority of them do not currently know anything about organized stalking.

There is a Puerto Rican festival occurring in Lancaster. I was on my way to run some errands when an interracial couple, consisting of a Puerto Rican man and White woman, passed me. The woman laughed and said, "you crack me up." I suspect that it was directed conversation towards me. The man looked me in the face like he was trying to be hardcore. I continued walking and passed through the festival only to find myself harassed by more Perps. I did get a negative feeling flowing through my nerves the minute I entered the festival.

I left the vicinity to look for a mailbox and could not find one. I thought there was one near the post office, but found that there was not a mailbox in sight. I did however see a police officer standing on the street talking on his cell phone. That is probably normal if the post office happened to be across the street from a police station. That does not mean the officer wasn't stalking me. I'll just give him benefit of the doubt for now since there were many officers patrolling the festival. I turned away from the post office and headed to the bank to deposit my paycheck through the Automated Teller Machine (ATM). I had to re-enter the festival to run this particular errand. I passed through it again and entered the section of the bank that has the ATM. The rest of the bank was closed. A family of Puerto Ricans followed me into the building, but did not make an ATM transaction. They instead stood and talked to each other as I pull my paycheck from my wallet and endorse it upon tearing it from the stub. I then pull my ATM card from the wallet and turn around to face the machine. The family immediately left. I walked to the ATM and place my card into the slot. Another Puerto Rican arrives and closes in behind me. I am riddled with tension and start getting the feeling that he's going to rob me---I suspect that is the kind of feeling he wanted me to experience. I feed my paycheck through the ATM upon it prompting. The ATM then asks me if I would like cash-back from the deposit. I am standing there trying to make a decision. The tension gets stronger as I am standing. I make the decision to get a small amount of cash back. I eject my card upon getting the cash and wait for a receipt (I already got one for the deposit). I find that I am not getting it.  I look at the Perp out of the corner of my eye and see that he his glaring at me. Most people might say he just wants me to hurry up, but I doubt that is his only reason for glaring. I leave the ATM and put my cash and card in my wallet. The Perp is using the ATM and I decide to go back and get a mini-statement. I wait for the Perp to finish. He looks over his shoulder as if to suspect that I am up to no good---now he knows how I feel. He is approximately sixteen to nineteen years of age and has a shaved head with a red, white, and blue headband over it. He finishes using the ATM and I approach it to make the final transaction. I received my mini-statement and ejected my card. I left the ATM and look at the documents,  placing them in my wallet and leaving the bank.

I head for a another mailbox that I know. I stop at a street corner to watch for traffic. Two Puerto Rican teenagers close in on me with bikes and stop. I cross the street when traffic clears. I leave the festival and arrive at the mailbox to find that the postal worker stops collecting the mail at two 'o clock in the afternoon on Saturdays; it is closer to five 'o clock. "Son of a bitch," I say to myself. I head back home and find another Puerto Rican Perp dressed in a red---one of their colors---hooded sweatshirt. He is  watching me while flashing his cell phone. I pull my DV Camera and start filming. He starts looking away from me. A Puerto Rican couple is in front of me at first, but turned to climb some concrete stairs. I move the camera away from the "Red" Perp. I moved the camera back on the Perp the minute I thought the couple cleared, but accidentally flashed the camera at the man. I move the camera away.

The woman makes a statement in Spanish and yells, "what the fuck you recording?"

I do feel a surge of fear upon hearing the expression of hostility. I stopped recording and turn the camera off, hearing the woman yell, "asshole" upon powering down.

I have thought of posting the video on YouTube at first, but examined the video and fell under the impression that it may come close to evidence of gang-stalking, but is not quite substantial. I was thinking that any Neutral who viewed the video would  interpret the scene as the Puerto Ricans getting mad at me for filming them. I would really like to get footage that will prove without any room for doubt in a Neutral's mind, that gang-stalking does exist and I am an actual target.

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