Friday, October 7, 2011

Tampering with My WiFi

I was on my computer finishing a blog entry that I started. I  ran into a combination of writer's block and lack of recall. I therefore, decided to close the document and read an entry from a blog that I am following. I first checked out an entry from On_Gangstalking only to find that it was just a link to a post from one of the blogger's other blogs. The name of the other blog was Targeted Survivor. I closed the window that contained the former and clicked on a link for an entry to the latter instead. I however, ran into trouble when I found that the page wasn't loading. I tried another blog called "A Target Individual's Guide to Homelessness." This blog also did not load. My last attempt was made when I opened a new window and tried to get into YouTube. This page failed to load as well. I figured that something was wrong with my Wi-Fi connection and that something was caused by an electronic harassment Perp. I looked at my modem and found a light turned out. I approached the modem to take a closer look and found that it was the light that indicates whether the signal is working. I suspected more that it was electronic tampering, but hope that it was just an ordinary glitch. I turned off my computer since I was having problems. To my astonishment, the signal started working again while my computer was shutting down. That is when I concluded that it was a case of electronic tampering. I figured that my stalkers blocked my signal then unblocked to indicate that they were messing with my Wi-Fi connection. "Goddammit," I thought to myself. "First my signal stops working now it turns back on when I turn off my computer, mother fuck!" I decided to restart my computer since my signal was restored and type this blog entry to report the Wi-Fi incident rather than reading someone else's blog. 

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