Saturday, October 11, 2014

Yoga Pursuit

September 10, 2014

The perpetrators of this hideous war crime are increasing the severity of their attacks to the point where I feel that I'm mentally deteriorating; it seems that they are attempting to take full control over my mind. The targeting has left me feeling mentally inept before, which is why I've decided to take some countermeasures against it. One such countermeasure is the very act of taking up Yoga. A friend of mine (now an ex-friend over a phone argument) had advised me to try this activity. I have experienced delay in this sort of pursuit due to lack of time. I did, however, recently manage to allocate time for Yoga exercises by changing my sleep/wake schedule. The targeting has affected my sleep to the point of only obtaining four hours at the most. This left me no choice, but to set my bedtime four hours prior to the time I plan to wake. This, for awhile, had been midnight with my awakening at four. I would typically spend that time until five 'o clock getting ready for work. Because of this I decided to awaken at three instead, allowing time for both Yoga sessions and getting ready for work. This infuriated the parasitical perpetrators a great deal especially since Yoga, even at the beginner's level, had already started generating some results for me in terms of increased mental clarity. The perpetrators responded to my change of lifestyle by cutting my sleep time back to two hours in hope that I would just stay in bed until three to take their electronic abuse. The other goal is aimed at getting me too mentally exhausted to continue in my Yoga pursuit. They did have me partially to that level this morning on the tenth day of September 2014. I had been performing the Yoga exercises under the guidance of instructional DVDs that I rented at my local library until I bought a copy of my own. The DVD that I purchased bears a title known as The Practical Power of Yoga, a DVD featuring an instructor by the name of Rodney Yee alongside his wife, Colleen Saidman. This was the DVD I felt best for beginners out of all the others I had rented and watched. I was doing pretty well at following the instruction given in the DVD until the perpetrators started attacking me as I was performing the exercises. Whenever Yee and Saidman gave instructions to the audience/students, I would fall into a trance or into a state of confusion. There were even instances when I had to go back and rewind to obtain full comprehension. I would still experience confusion or mesmerism in spite of the repeat. The trance would take the form of my making internal commentary about the oppression occurring against me or regarding  pre-targeting hostilities. There was also some mild fatigue as I attempted to perform and function, but not nearly as bad as what took place at the gym yesterday.

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