Saturday, January 3, 2015

Battling with My Kindle

October 28, 2014

I was operating my Kindle Fire in the afternoon when I suddenly fell into a state of semi-consciousness. My eyes pulsated with electromagnetic fields (EMF) with a series of weird mental imagery running through my mind along with my involuntarily making some statements quietly to myself. I awakened to find some data deleted from my Kindle. I was about to re-type the data when I recalled knowing of a feature offered by the application for backing up and restoring data. I tried to restore the data I lost using that feature when the screen locked on me. A message appeared approximately three seconds later stating that the application had stopped working while prompting me to choose between closing the program or waiting. I constantly chose the latter; for there was no way I was going to give into parasitical interests. Everytime I chose to wait for the app to work, it would freeze until additional occurrences of the same error message appeared. I eventually grew tired of "fighting" with the Kindle leading me to decide on the former instead. There was one point where I found all the rest of my data wiped from app. I tried the restore feature again only to experience the same problems. I eventually got the two options confused and selected back up data. This turned out to cause the information in the backup file to also be completely erased because if the application is backing up null (blank) data it will override the one that has value (containing pieces of information). Feeling of anger over the episode, I began anticipating the spreading of fliers regarding organized stalking and electronic assault. I decided to try calming myself as I make some final attempts to restore data. I gave up upon realizing that my attempts were futile.

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