Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Is Wal-Mart Really that Evil?

 January 18, 2015

I awakened in the morning to find myself rambling involuntarily for one hour, and this was after only three hours of sleep. I arose from my bed to find my brain in a hail of fog with my inner voice jammed. I managed to cook breakfast all the same as well as wash dishes. I was debating to myself of whether to go shopping first or go to the gym. I eventually chose the former since the bus route closes earlier than the gym on Sundays. I headed out of my apartment on my way to the bus station. I waited underneath a tunnel where the Route Fourteen bus stop is located. I waited for it to arrive, which wasn't very long. I sat on the bus performing some.operations on my Kindle as I rode. My eyes were compressed in response to this activity. They never did like my usage of the device. I put it away once we crossed into Bridgeport. I had to be alert for the event that the bus reaches my destination. My eyes remained under siege in spite of relinquishing my Kindle. This was accompanied by an overwhelming urge to yawn. I was, however, still able to maintain enough awareness to know when my stop is reached. I got off on Lincoln Highway in front of the Brewer's Outlet, which was across the street from Amelia's Grocery Outlet. I crossed the street to get to the store to find that there were slightly less perpetrators than usual. I entered the store to get what I needed. The first item I thought to get was a bulk bag of stevia. I looked at prices of other items I regularly buy while on the hunt. The first item I screened was a two-point-forty-five pound bag of whey protein; at ninteen-ninety-nine, it was the best deal I have seen on such an item. Purchasing would have to wait until next month since I'm trying to maintain a budget for the purpose of saving money. This is direly important for anyone who is targeted by his/her own government since most will at some point, suffer some kind of economic stagnation. I continued on my way, fulfilling my quest for that discounted bag of stevia. I searched the store to no avail, coming to the conclusion that Amelia's simply did not carry the alternative sweetner. "I'll just get it at Wal-Mart," I told myself. I next started my search for cilantro to find myself just as disappointed. I next looked for fresh beans and successfully found them. Ninety-nine cents per one-pound bag was the best of deals. I placed these bags in my shopping cart and continued my shopping. I next picked up jalapeƱos then screened the price of chicken. As I was screening, I felt the sensation of near fainting. I continued screening prices nonetheless. I decided that purchasing chicken would be cheaper in other places. I headed to the checkout line to register my items. Upon completion of my transaction, I headed out of the store and proceeded to Wal-Mart, which was located across the street near the Brewer's Outlet. This particular Wal-Mart and its surrounding parking lot is built in a manner, so that one will have to travel at least one-hundred feet to get to the actual store. This entire course consists of a roadway and a sidewalk. I walked through the sidewalk. Cars accelerated through the roadway next to me as I was walking. I entered the store upon arrival, looking for items I had planned to purchase. I was able to find most of them instantaneously. I decided to screen bean prices along the way to see if I really got the better deal back at Amelia's. I examined a four-pound bag of black beans as I compared it to the four one-pound bags I had already purchased. It appeared that the former was bigger than the latter making me wonder if the bag was really four pounds. I then compared prices through a process that involved calculating unit prices with the use of a calculator application located within my Kindle. I found that I did get the better deal at Amelia's assuming that the bags of both brands actually weighed at the labeled figures. I compared the price of fresh beans with that of the canned counterpart to find that the canned items were cheaper. I considered the idea of purchasing canned beans next time. I left the bean isle as I proceeded to the isle consisting of paper towels and toilet paper. A weird sensation came over me next. I began to feel like a zombie while feeling the sudden urge to ransack the whole isle by throwing around the products as I scream. I was still left enough free will to decide what to do about the urge. I decided to resist while knowing that ransacking isles inside of store can get me into a load of trouble. I still felt like a zombie regardless of the resistance ability. I then moved near a six-pack of paper towel rolls wondering if I can carry that on the bus alongside my current load. I decided that it might be too difficult as I turned down the paper towels and left the isle. I proceeded to look for dishsoap next. I looked through the bulk sizes of different brands to find the one that is the lowest in price. I picked up the cheapest brand and headed for the registers. I checked my products through the self checkout line then headed out the door. I waited for the bus to get back into the City of Lancaster. I boarded the bus when it arrived. I put my items down producing my wallet next to retrieve my Ten-Trip bus pass. I ran it through the scanner to pay my fare. I headed back home upon exiting the bus in Downtown Lancaster. 

The first task I began was putting away the items upon my arrival. I checked my e-mail and social networking notifications. I then got on my phone to contact a friend who I shall call Rachael Osborne. The conversation led to my mentioning that I was shopping at Amelia's and Wal-Mart. Rachael became angered at hearing that I shopped at the latter store. She stated to me that Wal-Mart is heavily networked with Big Brother in conducting mind control operations as well as being involved with violating people's rights in other ways. I told her that I was shopping at Wal-Mart because I have to save money and it also has things that other stores may not have. In addition to emphasizing these points, I also advised that virtually, if not all, businesses are networked with government and take part in the systematic oppression that we suffer. Rachael told me that she is aware of this, but stressed that Wal-Mart is among the most active and actually has the technology in their possession. She cited some strange incidents allover the country that either happened at a Wal-Mart or is linked with the franchise some other way. She cited one such case, as an example, of two guys walking into a Wal-Mart and shooting up the store with BB guns. She advised that she tells targets to stay out of Wal-Mart in order to protect them from being subjected to such incidents. I considered the idea of following her advice after hearing her make these statements. I prepared for going to the gym after getting off the phone with Rachael. I left the apartment approximately half an hour later.