Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Late for Work

March 22, 2015

I awakened at three in the morning to have breakfast as usual; although, some people might find it unusual to hear of a breakfast consisting of chicken thighs, spinach, and a small portion of rice and beans. I got on my computer as I waited for my chicken to cook. I checked my e-mail as well as my Facebook notifications. Part of the e-mail I was checking were drafts that I have started, but never finished. I decided to finish two of them, one of which I had sitting in the Draft folder for over a month. My chicken was finished cooking by the time I got done typing. I retrieved the chicken then put some fresh spinach on my plate. This meal was not enough to satisfy my appetite, so I scooped into my plate approximately one cup of rice and beans; this satisfied my hunger. I packed some items and headed out the door at 5:07 AM. I waited at the usual place for the co-worker with whom I usually commute to find that he still had not shown up after fifteen minutes. I tried giving him a call to find that there was no answer. Hordes of vehicles accelerated past me at all directions with the numbers increasing as minutes passed. I made additional attempts at calling him to find that he still was not answering. I was starting to get the feeling that not only was he not going to show, but that this was done intentionally as "payback" for going hiking with my friends who also happened to have been blacklisted by the North American faction of the legalized mafia (also known as U.S. Government with the mafia known as Illuminati). Those in Lancaster who are involved in the systematic stalking were getting frustrated with my leaving the apartment since it seems to take time and money away from them to have their way with me. I was thinking that I must have left my camcorder in my apartment, so I went back to get it then walked back to the spot where I was waiting. I found that it was 5:35 AM with my co-worker not showing up. I decided to try walking to the end of South Prince Street where a lot of my co-workers seem to pass on their way to see if any of them will offer to give me a ride. Since it took me half an hour to walk to that location, I was finding that I got there a little too late; although, none of them probably would have stopped to pick me up even if I had left like clockwork since it was probably done deliberately. I still stayed at this location until 6:15 AM when I decided to call off work. I called my supervisor to tell him I am unable to show up. He told me that there were buses and taxis that get to the company's location. I already knew with absolute certainty that buses did not come to that place; the furthest they go South of Lancaster is a shopping center known as Kendig Square located in Willow Street. As for the taxis, I started remembering an attempt to get a cab to that location back in mid-2014 to find that they do not go there. I tried explaining this to my supervisor when he told me he's seen guys come over there in taxis. I thought this was strange given that I could not get a cab over there. I wondered at first if my supervisor was lying to me because he thought I was lying and because he was upset with me for calling off. I decided to head home and try to get to a phone book, so I can look up the number for a taxi to see if they might have changed their policy in terms of travel area. I planned to check the library to see if they were open since they would have a phone book. The urge to make a bowel movement came over me that increased to a dramatic level as I walked. I passed the Water Street Rescue Mission to see a volunteer worker through the glass door, behind the counter looking at me as she laughed. I figured they all knew about the plot to keep me from going to work. I also noticed a sign on their door that I hadn't previously noticed that said: "No Public Restrooms" in both English and Spanish. I did consider stopping there to ask if I can use their restroom prior to seeing that sign. I moved on in search for a public restroom. I found one when I stopped by a cafe. I figured they might want me to order something, so I purchased the first thing to come to mind, which was a bottle of all-natural Jamaican-style ginger ale. I paid two dollars for the beverage and headed to the restroom. The light began to shut off approximately one minute after I sat on the toilet; it returned to full power in the same amount of time. I wondered if the light was electronically hacked or if the cafe has a motion detection light system for their restroom. I decided to try tapping the cafe's Wi-Fi on my Kindle while sitting on the toilet. I wanted to go into the Yellow Pages' website to look up the number for a taxi. The only Wi-Fi my Kindle would tap was an apparently fictitious one failing to properly work. I tried going into settings to select a different Wi-Fi network; the Kindle froze for a few seconds then produced a list. I found one representing the cafe, but it was secure. I figured they probably give customers the username and password either on their own walls or upon request. I thought of asking one of the attendants for that information (after I finish using the bathroom) at first, but decided to let it go and just head to the library, but not before I do just one thing: hand an attendant a flyer. I had it in my mind to spread fliers given that it appeared that I would be out of work anyway. I had thought to myself that I cannot chicken out of things in such a situation. I first left one flyer in the bathroom as I arose from the toilet. I washed my hands and went back into the dining area of the cafe. I saw that there was no clerk behind the counter as I realized they were in the back. One of the clerks saw me and came out to see what I wanted. I started off complaining of the alternating lights to calm myself then produced a flyer to show her.

"Do you mind if I hand you this?" I asked.

"Is it related to an event?" The clerk replied as she examined the flyer.

"It's related to a political cause."

"We have a bulletin board, but only fliers advertising events can be posted, sorry."

"Okay, thanks anyway."

I left the cafe to head for the library. I turned on East Orange Street to find two women staging a dispute as they walk toward me. The younger woman appeared to be in her early twenties while the older appeared to be in her fifties. The younger woman began shouting obscenities at the older. The younger one yelled: "You smoked up my last cigarettes, you bitch! You slut!" She then spat on the older one. The younger woman waved her hand in front of my face in a hello motion as they walked by me; she then continued yelling obscenities. I turned on North Duke Street and arrived at the library to find it closed. I read the sign stating their hours to find that they weren't open until 10:00 AM. I pulled out my Kindle to see if their Wi-Fi is currently working; the Wi-Fi network wasn't even listed. I put my Kindle away and stood in front of a nearby coffee house to attempt at taping their network. I saw some people enter the coffee house including a known perpetrator who stared right at me as she walked into the building. Tapping the coffee house Wi-Fi had also proven to be of no avail. The thought came to mind toward distributing a flyer to the coffee house. I joined the other patrons inside the building and waited in line for two other individuals to have their orders fulfilled.

When it became my turn in line, I asked the cashier: "Do mind if I hand you this," as I presented the flyer.

"Is it for a business?" The cashier asked.

"No, it's for a political cause."

The cashier answered: "There's a bulletin board right there" as he pointed toward a wall on the other side of the building.

"Are there any spare pins?"

"Yeah, there should be."

I approached the bulletin board to hang the flyer. I saw the same female perpetrator from outside watch me with a facial expression as if to reveal that she knew exactly what flyer I was getting ready to post. I pinned the flyer and walked away with the thought of someone taking it down. I left the building and headed home with anticipation of looking up taxis as I tap my own Wi-Fi.

I arrived home approximately fifteen minutes later. I immediately consulted my Kindle in accessing the Yellow Page website. I ran a search for taxis in Lancaster, PA to find surprisingly high number of taxi companies listed. I copied numbers for three of them on my cell phone. The first one I called had a disconnected line the second one was listed as AAA, but turned out to be the Lancaster County Cab Company. I asked if they travel to the area of my workplace. I received a reply indicating that they do. I requested a cab from my home to the workplace. I gave my address and we disconnected. I decided to get some items while waiting then headed out to my apartment building's foyer. I waited for approximately half an hour then received a phone call from the cab driver indicating that he arrived. I left the building and walked toward the taxi. I got inside the car and told the driver the designation address. The cab driver entered my requested address into his GPS device and we departed from my neighborhood.

I noticed the cab driver taking a route that was different from the one that my co-worker usually takes. I wondered if he was either consciously and intentionally perping me or if the perps hacked the GPS to throw off his navigation. This was until I realized later that he was going the right direction, but just a route that had less traffic. I started thinking of this as beneficial since it could get me to work quicker. The cab driver and I conversed on the way over there.  Somewhere along the way, I called my supervisor to let him know I will be coming to work after all since I found a cab company that goes to the area. The driver gave me his business card the minute I got off the phone. We arrived at the place approximately twenty-six minutes after we left. I found a co-worker of mine waiting right in the parking lot for me. He was dressed in nice looking clothing as if he was not dressed for work, but rather just starting work himself. I figured that he intentionally made himself late in order to participate in the organized stalking. I paid the driver then went inside, walking to the locker room to change clothes.

I drew the conclusion that the taxi driver wasn't a perpetrator, but did figure that he might become one the minute someone orders him to get involved. I have noticed that taxi drivers seem to play a heavy role in the organized stalking portion of this government-sponsored assassination program. I label it as such since it includes a barrage of psychological and physical torture that can kill a person if done for a good number of years. There is a blogger by the name of Gregory Marshall Thomas who attributes this form of abuse as a modern day version of an old Chinese torture method known as Death of a Thousand Cuts except the "cuts" are extraordinarily less visible than the ones that were inflicted on the victim during that time. The victim is also not visibly restrained except in cases when police might arrest him/her on false charges usually to stop this person from actively trying to expose this form of gross human rights violation. False charges were also used against activists during the olden days of COINTELPRO [Counter Intelligence Program].

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