Friday, March 20, 2015

Saving Time

March 3, 2015

My feet have been burning profusely in recent months. This would happen most often at work after my lunchbreak. They often burn so badly at the soles that I would walk with a limp. In addition to trouble involving the soles, I also would experience problems with my toes. They would suddenly weaken on me causing dire pain as I walk. Yawning spells would accompany these attacks. Today, this was not only done at work like usual, but I also had my left ankle twisted as I was walking in my apartment. The walking was for the purpose executing different tasks. I later gave a call to another targeted individual (TI) who had indicated in an e-mail that he wanted me to call him. We talked for approximately half an hour about some suspected controlled opposition agents (I feel fully sure of it myself, but the other TI seemed unsure of what to believe). The other TI then advised that targets not be so obsessed with their targeting since it would drive them crazy and get the perps messing with them more. After getting off the phone, I began preparing to leave for the gym. The perps tried to keep me on the sofa by weighing my eyes with electromagnetic pulses (EMP). I pushed myself up with force as I heard the sound of a woman saying "stop" via voice-to-skull (V2K). I suspect that it was a recording rather than a real person. I packed my backpack, lowered my thermostat (I do this before leaving my home to save money on the gas bill), and prepared a gallon of water. I was starting to feel sleepy from their attempt sedation, so I brewed a cup of coffee in attempt to stay awake. I normally limit my coffee intake to sixteen ounces a day, but decided to go for another eight in the afternoon. I always figured that all the caffeine on the planet would not work against their electronic weapons, but decided to give it a try just for the sake of boosting morale. Upon finishing my coffee, I put on my coat and headed out the door.

I arrived at the gym approximately forty minutes later. It usually takes me half an hour, but I experienced greater difficulty due to navigating through heavy amounts of snow and ice. I entered the gym to find that it wasn't crowded like usual. I found it pretty strange since it's usually crowded on weekday nights. I walked to the locker room to change clothes. I decided to wet myself down prior to the workout for two reasons:

1. It helps me rehydrate after walking one-point-three miles to get there.

2. I started recently noticing that I appear dirty after changing into my gym clothes for some strange reason. I took to rinsing myself with water as a way to get rid of the dirty look.

I first became aware of the latter when I heard a perpetrator in the locker room gossiping about it. I examined myself in the mirror to find that he was definitely telling the truth. I stripped off my clothing, locked them away in my locker, and headed for the showers. One perpetrator along the way gave me a strange grimace as if to wonder why I would shower prior to a workout rather than afterward. I, however, intended to use only water while excluding the soap since I intended to only rinse myself for the reasons previously described. I walked into one of the shower stalls and rinsed for approximately thirty seconds. I dried off upon finishing and headed back to my locker to dress for the work out. I then locked my locker and headed for a mirror to see if there had been any improvement in appearance. I found that my appearance had improved; I looked much cleaner than the last time I had gazed in the mirror. I wanted to comb my hair back, but realized that I had already locked my comb in the locker. I decided to head out to the fitness area rather than go through the trouble of undoing my lock to retrieve a haircomb; besides, my hair was going to get messy from working out anyway, so it doesn't pay to be too obsessive with my appearance.

Upon leaving the locker room to enter the fitness area, I remembered an advice that a friend (also a TI) gave me about working out. I was, for a good while, spending at least two hours inside the gym trying to workout. This friend advised me to cut my time back to one hour since she perceived my two-hour habit as pushing myself a little too much; she even added that it sounds like a form of excessive-compulsive behavior that would in the long-term prove self-defeating. I decided to give my friend's advice a try in spite of believing that it would not work for me due to the perps' electronic assault to disrupt my workouts. I headed to the stretching mats first to perform sit-ups and a second abdomen exercise with the name of which I lack knowledge. I proceeded to work on my arms after completion of the abdomen workouts. I did other muscle groups as minutes progressed. I finished exercising with the realization that I not only saved time from cutting back, but also experienced better results. This must have infuriated the perpetrators to an awful degree since I immediately saw unusually aggressive bumper-to-bumper traffic as I exited the gym; I continued to experience it as I walked back home.

I returned home to find that the increased aggression did not end with the bumper-to-bumper traffic. I experienced an increase in electronic aggression as I moved about  my apartment. This began after I started using my extra time  to e-mail more TIs and do more research. I, unfortunately, am unable to recall the electronic assaults of this day, but can be certain that the usual (eye pressure, yawning spells, etc) was among them.

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