Wednesday, March 18, 2015

When a Target's Computer is No Longer a Viable Weapon

March 4, 2015

I came home from work with plans to go to the post office for the purpose of checking my PO Box. Expecting a package was one reason I had anticipated the trip. The other reason was having to mail a greeting card for my father's Birthday. I had trouble remembering my father's house number with absolute confidence, but did remember the rest of the address with  great consistency. I looked up the address with the use of my Kindle by going into Amazon to retrieve my address book. I executed this task as I prepared a quick meal consisting of peanut butter and bananas wrapped in a flat bread. The Kindle was taking a long time to load the desired section of Amazon, so I did become slightly impatient as I kept reloading and yelling obscenities at the device with commands for it to "move." The address book did load after approximately a minute and a half. I saw the full address and filled in the envelope with the house number included. Perps were, of course, pissing and moaning via Voice-to-Skull (V2K). My feet also burned as I walked. I had the feeling that the electronically oppressive losers did not want me leaving my apartment; they would rather I stay at home, so that they would have every bit of their way with me. In spite of this, I still packed a few of my stuff upon finishing my quick meal then headed out. I walked through the streets, debating to myself of whether to continue walking the whole way there or take a bus. I ultimately decided to walk there, for I was already starting to feel progressively more vibrant from the walk.

After arriving at the Post Office and completing my errands, I started to walk from the building with anticipation of heading to the library for looking up information. I wanted to look up leg exercises, but found my Internet disrupted like crazy everytime I tried searching this sort of information at home. This would especially happen in the evening. I just did not want to give them the satisfaction of being able to get their entertainment watching me fight with the Internet for my information due to a slow bandwidh. They seem to feel most empowered to do this and other things when I'm home for some reason, which is why my being out seems to always piss them off. I originally planned to walk back to the library, but realized that it closes at 8:00 PM. It was approximately 6:50 PM at the moment. This led me to the decision of taking the bus back into the Downtown part of Lancaster. I walked from the Post Office to the nearest bus stop. As I arrived at the stop, I pulled my Kindle from my bag to check the current time as well as that of the next bus. I pulled up a PDF copy of the bus schedule that I have saved. It was two minutes before the bus would arrive. I stood and waited for the bus, entering when it did. The final stop was Binns Park before a new cycle would began for the bus route. The driver stepped outside when he arrived until it was time for that second round. I knew the bus station would be the third stop once the new transportation cycle began. I reviewed the PDF schedule to find that I would get there faster walking since it was just down the street. I also remembered that the library is walking distance from the location, so I departed from the bus to head over there. My bowels presented itself as an obstacle; for I needed to make a movement badly. I thought about using the library's restroom at first, but realized that I not only needed to get a key from the front desk, but also that the library had a rule against bringing bags into the restroom. I would have had to leave my bag of guarded items outside the door, putting it at risk of theft. I highly doubt that the library's security guard nor the rest of library staff would have said or done anything in the event of catching someone stealing my bag since they are perpetrators themselves. The security guard on duty during that night hadn't perped me, but other security guards have, so it was very likely that every guard at the library is in on it. Keeping the aforementioned issues in mind, I decided to use the restroom at a nearby coffee house instead. I walked to the one-hundredth block of North Duke Street where the library and coffee house are located; it also happens to be the block where I lived at the time of becoming aware of my targeting. I went inside the coffee house to order something first since they probably would not let me use their restroom otherwise. I looked at items located behind a display case at the counter and quickly selected an oatmeal raisin coconut cookie since it was among the cheapest items in the establishment. I stood and waited patiently for the clerk to take my order as he was busy stirring a creamer concoction into a coffee drink. I felt things were moving too slowly, but continued to patiently wait in spite of it. The clerk was finally finished when heard him call on another customer to hand him his order. He then took my order as I told him I wanted the oatmeal raisin coconut cookie. I stuttered as I reached the word "coconut," but this wasn't due to a natural flaw. It was rather due to perps using their technology to jam my speech as I spoke. I paid for my order and proceeded to the restroom. I suspected a perp might have been intentionally occupying the bathroom to block me from it. I was proven wrong when I opened the bathroom door to find that not a single person was in there. I entered through and locked the door. I attempted to use my Kindle to check e-mail as I sat on the toilet. It wasn't connected to any Wi-Fi network,.so I tried looking into a list of ones that were within range. I found one unsecure Wi-Fi that probably belonged to the coffee house. I tried to connect to that Wi-Fi only to find my Kindle freeze. I gave up trying to connect and decided to enter my coffee house transaction into a ledger app within the Kindle. Upon finishing, I washed my hands and left the restroom, heading out to the library. I found the library practically deserted when I entered. I went to a computer to login into my library account. I immediately typed "home leg exercises" into the URL bar and hit "enter" to find query hits appearing in the form of a Bing search engine page. I looked through different websites listed to see if any of them can provide decent information. I found two websites that show some promising leg exercises. I queued them for printing and added them to my Pintrest bookmarks. I went into my e-mail account to check my e-mail then logged off to pick up my queued documents. This required a walk to the library's print station. I logged into the print station computer and printed my documents from the printer next to it. I collected the printouts and logged out. I placed the documents in a folder and returned to a regular library computer to log back into my account. I clicked on Word 2010 rather than get on the Internet. I began typing a document from a rough draft I made from a questionnaire. I printed it upon finishing. I left the library and headed home.

Upon arrival at my apartment, I had thoughts of using more of the Internet at first then decided the time I spent on it at the library as sufficient; I took to cleaning my apartment instead. This angered the perps  to an awful degree causing them to use various tactics aimed at getting me to stop. I first heard demands made via Voice-to-Skull (V2K) for me to stop. I ignored the order and continued. They inflicted stomach pain on me. I still continued as I ignored the pain. The pain began to intensify so greatly that I immediately felt the urge to vomit. I ran to the bathroom and dropped to my knees to attempt vomiting as I point my mouth into my toilet bowl. I succeeded only at coughing a small vile of enzyme, leading to the alleviation of pain. I immediately arose from the floor to get back to house cleaning.

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